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Advanced Astrology Workshop in Ko Phangan, Thailand

Dive deeper into the the science of astrology

Learn how astrology can illuminate who you are, your relationships and your life’s purpose

Explore the four primary points of the Natal Cross


Agama Yoga
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42/4 Moo 8, Koh Phangan Surat Thani, TH 84280

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  • Workshop

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May 16 to
May 18
12:30 pmto20:00 pm



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Full Description

In this workshop we will explore the significance of the four primary points in an astrological chart: the Ascendant (Asc), the Descendent (DC), the Midheaven (media coeli - MC) and the anti Midheaven, Nadir (illium coeli - IC).

These mathematical points create the so-called Natal Cross.

For humans, the Ascendant (also known as the ‘rising sign’) is indicative of our physical expression in the world, including: appearance, typology, physiognomy, gestures, facial expressions and behavior. The rising sign also shows our instinctive reflex regarding action: the first step, the first breath, thought, feeling and gesture, for example. From a spiritual point of view, the Ascendant is a physical expression of the Sun, our soul, answering to the question: "Who am I?"

The Descendant, situated at 180 degrees from the Ascendant, represents the being who is with us in our spiritual evolution. It is about our relationships. The Descendent gives us the answer to the questions: "With whom?" and "What is the meaning of the couple relationship?"

The Midheaven is the mathematical point that, at the time of birth, is right over our heads, representing our highest aspirations, social integration, professional interests and spiritual path, helping us find the proper way to fulfill all these aspirations. Midheaven gives us the answer to the question: "Which direction should I go?".

The Nadir, located 180 degrees from Midheaven, is the northernmost point of the astrological chart, in opposition to social aspiration. It is the place where we ‘find ourselves’: a place of refuge, meditation and reflection on our past, so we understand better what we need to do in our life. This area gives us information about the fastest way to regenerate ourselves. Nadir gives us the answer to the question: "Where do I come from?".