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Aging Gracefully the Ayurveda Way

Live healthier, happier and grow younger the Ayurveda way. Longevity is one of the aims of Ayurveda. Aging is natural process but there is a lot we can do to make it smoother, to maintain good health and prevent illness.


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Jalan Suweta, Banjar Sambahan, Ubud ID 80571

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Dec 2 to
Dec 8
17:00 pmto12:30 pm



Full Description

This retreat is for everybody who wants to learn about the wisdom of Ayurveda, the over 5000 years old Science of Life, to age gracefully. Regardless of one’s age, it is never too soon to start integrating these principles into the daily life.

During the week you will have an in-depth Ayurvedic consultation and a pulse diagnosis with a highly trained Ayurvedic Physician and will learn to

- balance your body by developing mind-body awareness
- get to know your dosha or body type and its imbalances
- embrace age old anti-aging techniques
- learn simple beauty recipes—hair mask, face mask, body mask, scrubs
- discover body oils, how to use them and which are the best for you
- recharge and rejuvenate with Panchakarma herbs
- learn how and why to do a monthly mini detox at home
- get lifestyle advise according to your type
- get tips to cook healthy food at home
- Learn face yoga and other special technique such as growing eyelashes naturally

In addition, there will be twice daily yoga and meditation, you will enjoy blissful Ayurvedic spa treatments, eat delicious healthy food and experience beautiful rituals. You will have free time to do what pleases you most; pamper yourself, explore Ubud or spend quality time.

We offer Ayurvedic yoga, a gentler version based of Hatha yoga. The practice also includes besookshma and face yoga. The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels of practitioners.

During the week, there will be five interesting talks focusing on

1. Introduction to Ayurveda
2. Embracing Ayurveda in daily life
3. Hair, skin and face care; learn to make your own oils and masks to replenish and rejuvenate your body
4. Choosing food wisely to age gracefully
5. Panchakarma – Ayurveda detox to restart and recharge your system