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Align with Magic!

“When you polish off the dirt,
You will see your magical self reflected in the mirror”

Get away from your life as you are living it. An opportunity to let it all go; letting go of your mind to reconnect with your body and heart. Daily yoga, tension release and practical (philosophical/coaching) tools to help you find your shine!


Camino de las Huertitas, Lanzarote ES

Type of Event

  • Retreat

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Sep 30 to
Oct 7
07:45 amto09:30 am

Arrival date is 30 September and daily program starts the next day until the last full day, October 6


1,150 €

Full Description

What you will get:
Sandra will lead you in delicious daily morning and evening classes. The morning yoga will be energizing and fun; to wake up your body and get your juices flowing!
These classes will focus on waking up your breath, moving your body and opening your energy channels. You will get creative flow, alignment and breath work. A real jump start to your day! You will understand better how to personalize your yoga practice so it fits your body.

During the morning classes, you will alternate flow with holding poses and sometimes breaking down poses or highlighting actions. Sandra’s yoga teaching is a real mix of movement (flow and intuitive or free movement) and alignment. Her alignment work is knowledge and body based. You will be able to find the alignment that fits your body by techniques that will be offered and by feeling how this affects your body. At the end of this week, you will have a good sense for what is right for you and where your energy flows and your body feels stable and free.

In the afternoons, you will have the opportunity to expand your “yoga off the mat.” Every day you will learn and practice practical and relatable yoga philosophy, play with conscious energy connection, and do contemplation and sharing exercises. The conscious energy connections are exercises in which you will practice to feel and stay in touch with your “inner landscape” while directing your attention outward and connecting to others. Through these exercises you will be able to examine when your body is giving you answers that your mind is often not willing or able to hear. “What is it that I really feel?” and “What is it that I need?” are some questions that you will be better able to answer after this retreat.

The evening classes will focus on cultivating a feeling awareness of your body and tension and stress release by working with the psoas. Step by step you will be led deeper into your body so you can let go and sink more into your natural relaxed state. You will become intimately familiar with your psoas muscle and learn how to feel your “first responder to stress.” All at your own pace and in the way that feels best for you; simply follow your body as it leads you into Bliss! At the end of the retreat you will bring home all the benefits and tools of these practices so you can continue giving yourself the gift of relaxation.

The psoas
This amazing muscle brings together so many different parts of yourself: your body, emotions, your breath, the energy (thoughts) in your head and your sensitivity and openness. When your psoas is tight, the tension can cause spinal misalignments, emotional and energetic disfunctions, such as anxiety and pull on your spine and pelvis, creating unbalance in your body in different ways. The psoas acts different from any other kind of muscle in your body in the way it activates. Your psoas contracts or activates as your first response to stress, tension and trauma. Whenever you have experienced stress that you have not been able to release, this will manifest in a evermore tightening psoas muscle. Simply stretching the psoas will often fail to release and relax your body. Sandra will guide through awareness practice and through body based tension release exercises to reconnect with your natural ability to release tension. Simply by being present with yourself and easy exercises, you can learn to connect to this amazing muscle, create the space in which release can happen and you will feel the difference on every level; more ease in your posture, a more quiet yet alive mind and senses, better sleep and more access to your energy.

Although this retreat offers open or all level yoga, some yoga experience is recommended. If you have questions about this or have limitations, please contact Sandra directly via email: