Ananda Lila School of Yoga 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

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Dive into your practice of Yoga and be empowered to share its magic with the world. In this 8 week intensive you will be embarking on a spiritual journey that will help you tap into your authenticity while certifying you to share yoga with the world!


Aug 20 to
Oct 17
18:00 pmto20:00 pm

8 Weekends! Online & In Person

Fridays: 6pm-9pm
Saturdays: 9am-5pm
Four 2 hour Zoom Classes per week



Full Description

Yoga teacher Training / Yoga Alliance 200 hour Certification Course/ Live and Recorded Classes/

How it works

Depth of Learning
Personalized Experience that is the heart of a Yoga teacher Training.

Students will be able to complete their training via our hybrid in person and online model.

All students who complete the training will be considered Certified Yoga Teachers and eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Once trainees graduate, they maintain access to training materials for life.

Community Connection Personal Attention Flexible Access

We will be going through this journey from start to finish together. The Ananda Lila Yoga teacher training is designed to be a deep dive 8 week transformative experience. We have found in our years of teaching that something powerful happens when we immerse ourselves in the teacher training experience. We are committed to supporting you in embodying the spirit of the teacher and living the spirit of Yoga.

The spirit of Yoga is the embodiment of oneness, of connection to one another and even greater than that the spirit of yoga is love. Now is the time to remember that we are all one, that we are all in this together. Now is the time to remember that we have powerful tools for healing within the practices of yoga. The practices of Yoga are simple and profound. In this training we are committed to creating leaders, whether you carry this to a small group of friends or thousands of people. We know that gaining the confidence to share will be life changing.

We will be beginning together on 3/11/2021.

Flexible Access to meet your needs

As a member of the Yoga teacher training once it begins you will be a member of the online forum. You will be supported as we journey through the curriculum through online q&A sessions and access to your teachers during office hours.

The schedule will be

Friday 6pm-10pm
Saturday 9am -5pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays
10-12pm & 6-8pm Zoom

We will have 4 weekly online classes. You will be able to join live time or watch after.

You can expect one- on - one coaching, as well as access to the lead trainers.

You will have opportunities to access your lead teachers during our weekly office hours to provide additional learning and have the opportunity for the personal connections to ask questions about content.

Deeply Rooted

The Ananda Lilia School of Yoga Teacher Training will create the opportunity for you to get out of the box and have the opportunity to practice with your feet in the sand, meditate under the trees and be blessed by the stars above. It is our intention to support teachers to be able to share the teachings and benefits of yoga to everyone regardless of age, weight, range or social stature. We are creating a wave of teachers that are sharing yoga for the people whether you are young, old, christian, buddhist, strong or inflexible; there is the possibility of yoga for everyone.


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Practice

Our intention is to share the integrity of the teachings of Yoga in a way that are relevant and supportive of the modern student. As we share the practice of yoga and the art of teaching we have a deep place of reverence for the practices of yoga which have withstood the test of time for thousands of years. It is through this weaving of the history, alignment, science and sacredness that you will be given a platform to understand the teachings in a meaningful and fun way.

Our goal goes above and beyond the average Yoga teacher training, giving you the skills to be a strong effective and heart centered leader. You will be supported in doing the healing work that will create the space for you to embody the teacher. Through Sadhana support, personalized coaching, and subconscious belief clearing this teacher training will go deeper than the postures.

Not everyone will be taking the training to start a new business however if that is your goal. We will support you in the business of yoga, finding your niche, aligning your heart centered marketing and offerings in a way that will enable you to really share with the world and connect with those you are meant to inspire.
ool creates the opportunity for you to get out of the box of the studio to ng, old, christian, buddhist, strong or inflexible; there is the possibility of yoga for everyone.
Your Success is our Passion

Each training follows our thoughtfully designed format while at the same time allowing enough creative room for each student to be supported in the cultivation of your truth, passion and how you would like to share your teaching with the world. You will not be left behind in this training. This training is for you.

Who is this training for?
This training is designed for those who are inspired to share their love of yoga with the world. You will find your voice and the connection to the wisdom within. You will deepen into the practices of healthy habits and lifestyle integrating Yoga into your life in a sustainable and applicable way. You will learn how to effectively share your yoga with the world by diving into the business of yoga. This training is designed to support who you want to be in the world as a teacher. We will be supporting multiple styles and focus points as we work together in this training, creating a really fun and dynamic space for learning.

This program is designed to accept you as you are and help you to excel. We are here to support you and light the candles of passion in you so that you can share that inspiration with the world. We are here to help you create the space of transformation both internally and externally with the practices of classical yoga, energy work and mindset and core belief work.


Once you have completed your training you will receive your certificate and be eligible to teach yoga anywhere at the 200 hour level. You will have been given the resources and support to teach to the populations that inspire you via private clients, groups and corporate clients in studio, gym, retreat settings.

What You’ll Learn

Anana Lila Yoga School is based on classical yogic principles of being present in the moment and adapting to the individual. We strive on staying connected to the authenticity and the heart of yoga. We know that there is great power in the simple and timeless practices of yoga and there is room for expansion as we need the needs of our changing times.

You will receive a deep and heart inspired training in authentic yoga.

We adhere to covering all of the topic hours recommended by the Yoga Alliance and we go much deeper as well.

You will get the foundation as we will cover the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the history and philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda through the lens of Tantra Yoga, meditation, dharma and karma, anatomy and physiology, sequencing and cueing, chakras, energetics and traditional practices to elevate consciousness, as well as introductions to Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal and the Business of Yoga.

You’ll learn appropriate and safe anatomical alignment of the body in the foundational yoga practices and the knowledge to teach and practice in a safe way.
Essentials -You will learn Classical yoga Postures and practices, Alignment, breathing practices
Fundamentals- You’ll learn the fundamental ideas from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and using the 8-limbs of yoga as a moral compass.
Exposure- You’ll have exposure to many different styles of yoga to understand what style of teacher you’d like to become
Personal Practice- You’ll learn to establish your own home personal practiceYou’ll receive your own personal Sadhana Practice as well as a personal mantra
Business Essentials- You’ll gain an understanding of the business and ethics of yoga
Fun & Juicy- You’ll learn about neuroplasticity and the brains brilliant capacity to change, and evolve. You’ll learn the sacred practices of Tantra utilizing universal energy to empower your life, practices and teachings. You will learn about ayurveda, the chakras and more.

Yoga is for Everybody

We believe in cultivating the inner posture of peace in the practice of yoga as the most important priority. You don’t have to be able to accomplish advanced yoga postures to be a great yoga practitioner or teacher. You don’t have to have the lifestyle of an Ascetic Yogi. We believe it is important to support the cycles and demands of modern life and find out how you can best support yourself and the world around you.

Here’s what You’ll Receive:
Access to the Ananda Lila Online community

Direct Feedback and support from your Lead Trainers Amber Ananda and Thad Malik as well as our support team

Live zoom events weekly

Online YTT Manual

Weekly Study Groups
Guided Meditations and Scripts

Journal Prompts

Office hours to connect with teachers and trainers weekly

Practice Teaching opportunities

Your Instructors

Amber Aten

Amber has 20 years of experience in Yoga and Healing Arts. She shares the practice of yoga by weaving together a strong foundation of classical yoga with visionary practices. With over 3000 hours of teaching experience working with many diverse populations including prenatal yoga, yoga with children, restorative yoga, seniors, Yoga for Recovery, as well as being a lead teacher in yoga teacher training programs for over 10 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge that she shares wholeheartedly with her students.
In Navigating the healing of her own life she has found it is her soul’s work to help others heal. Above and beyond the physicality of the yoga asanas she shares yoga with the intention of awakening the divinity in each one of us, to empower and inspire us to be our most authentic loving blissful selves. Amber intends that her students feel the deep healing possibilities of yoga and its transformation of their life.

Amber Aten received her Yoga teacher training through the Arizona school of Integrative Studies in 2002. From 2004 thru 2007 she worked for the International Association of Yoga Therapists, where she was able to connect with many yoga luminaries and was guided to begin her own in-depth study of Yoga Therapeutics. She completed the 700 hour Structural Yoga Therapy Training program with Mukunda Stiles in 2006 and continued her studies with him in Tantra and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy until he entered mahasamadhi in 2012. The time spent in a deep student teacher relationship with Mukunda Stiles altered her deeply and she truly feels that his grace is present in every class she teaches.

Thad Malik

Thad’s first adventure into Yoga was in 2007 while attending Central Michigan University. Seeking to improve his mental and physical health Thad was drawn to Yoga & found himself returning again & again. Yoga provided much more than Thad ever expected & he discovered a profound connection with his Spirit through Yoga. Thad completed his first 200-hour yoga teacher training course at Yoga Shala in Prescott, AZ in 2011. Thad would later own & manage the Studio for several years. He would study and experience many styles of Yoga with renowned teachers and artists of all kinds in the coming years. After loss and heartbreak and eventually becoming disenchanted with the business of yoga, Thad set out to India in search of something more. Through many trials & tribulations India embraced Thad and taught him much. He would return to India again in 2017 as a guide for Naropa University Students. He is quite sure there are more India expeditions to come. There have been (and continue to be) many people who have influenced & inspired Thad’s Yoga practice over the years. Right now, Thad is focusing on connecting with the Guru within each of us and present in all moments, remaining forever a Student to the Ultimate. Combining elements of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Ayurveda & Energetic Healing Thad’s classes are rooted in Spirit and invoke a sense of Peace, Healing and Empowering students to live their own true Yoga & their own unique best life. OM

Why Train with Us?

Embody Your Potential

In the Ananda Lila teacher training you will be inspired to become your best self. We truly feel that the time is now of us to embody our divine potential and help others do the same.
As much as the curriculum is organized and structured this program will also be co-created by you. We aim to support every one of our students in the way that meets the needs of their growth as we embrace the divine play of the universe.
This 8 week immersion is designed to empower you to live and share from the wellspring of wisdom of truth inside of you.
You will have the opportunity to find your authentic voice and you will learn to hold the space as you guide classes and individuals in the world. This training is open to all levels of students as long as there is a consistency of practice and desire to share the healing potential of yoga with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will start March 11, 2021 and complete May 1, 2021

How long do I have access to the course?
You will have lifetime access to the online course content and you will receive updated content as it becomes available. We are committed to supporting you on this journey of Yoga.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We are here for you. You will have the opportunity to speak with your teachers personally before the course to make sure that it is a good fit. You will have the opportunity through the first week of the course to work with us in the case that it really isnt a good fit for you life for a partial refund.

What our students are saying

“Where do I start. When I first decided to go on this journey, I prayed to the Creator I would be led to teachers that could help me get direction on my Yoga journey. My blessing were answered and more. The love and care they treated all of us with was inspiring. They raised the personal standards and responsibilities we hold as yoga teachers. For me they bridged the gap between my past and my yoga future. Not only did they appeal to my spiritual side, they vastly increased our technical knowledge of yoga. Because of this training I feel comfortable teaching this beautiful practice to others. I will never forget the people or the events that occurred during this training. For me this experience was life changing. .” - Cory

"Getting my 200 hour ytt was one of the best decisions of my life. The teachers were so kind and genuine and are truly there to help you become your best. They both come with over 20 years of yogic experience and information in their vault's that they are happy to share if you are willing to listen. Their training is balanced. Although you work hard the entire time, you also play hard. #gratitude" - Hannah

“I could not have had a better experience in my Yoga Teacher Training. The instructors, really challenged us. They were very knowledgeable in the course work. I learned not only yoga, about yoga, but about myself. Even though it was an intensive training, Kelly and Amber made it stress-free.” - Marilisse

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