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Anatomy fun: lotus and wheel

We are unique not only on the outside, but also on the inside, probably more than you think.
Why can some people do a lotus pose after six months of practice, while others not even after five years? Why is it that my wheel doesn’t look like yours? What if it were due to the shape of our



Place du Tomberg 18, Brussels BE 1200

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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Nov 4
09:30 amto16:30 pm

Duration: 7 hours, including lunchbreak


80 €

Full Description

During this unique anatomy workshop, we will first look at our inner architecture and the directions in which each body part likes to move. Then we will explore the concept of ‘compression vs tension’, skeletal variations, and try to feel them in ourselves. In the afternoon session, we will analyze – in great detail – the anatomy of Lotus pose (Padmasana) and Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana): why they might be easy for some yogis and difficult or even impossible for others. You will also learn how to practice these poses in a safe way, to stretch yourself safely into going deeper into these asanas and learn the implications of different alignment cues. Each session will conclude with a Yin yoga practice.

In order to have a safe practice that is appropriate for your unique body, basic knowledge of anatomy can be very useful. It could help you interpret more skilfully sensations during yoga poses and thus avoid injuries. Knowledge of anatomy is empowering — it opens new doors to dialogue with your body and make meaningful choices in your asana practice.

This is a wonderful opportunity to understand our inner landscapes better and to develop a practice that both respects and supports our uniqueness.