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Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

This is a formal yoga training in one of the most ancient practices that were part of the formation & development of Tantra Masters.
It is a 10 day 1st module that gives you the level of Instructor and is part of a 200 hrs. training to become a teacher.
If you are already a Yoga Teacher this is a very good way to specialize in Tantra.


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  • Teacher Training

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Sep 28 to
Oct 8
08:30 amto18:30 pm

We start at 8:30 am .
We will have punctual breaks .
One hour lunch not incluided on the price .
We conclude every day 18.30pm



Full Description

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga is an advance system on yoga, tantra, breath work & bodywork. This methodology goes far beyond any kind of Yoga or a tantric experience. It has it roots in rituals, kriyas and practices within the Ancient Tantra Kaula. Within Europe, there are more than 38 teachers that are sharing and developing this science; we have presence in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark & Germany.
It is not linked to the modern Yoga Platforms, even thought, the asanas system, the kriyas, pranayams, mudras, and bandhas are aligned with the current yoga that comes out of the Raja Yoga System. This is an ancient and shamanic technique and discipline; more than ten years ago Anand Rudra had a need within the practice of Tantra Kaula to go deep in the development & capability of energies, the physical body & the bodies, the prana and the sexual energy. Then, he decided to pick up again this ancient and millenary practice that was just performed to tantra masters. These pujas or sessions had the target to collect energy and develop the Sidhi System (supra-human capability of the human being and deepen conscious awrenes)
ATKY in its process is linked to systems as the Kundalini yoga, Babaji TKY, Agama Yoga (on its esoteric approach) & Hatha Yoga (hemispheric balance). It does not look for the relaxation, physical exercise or the cleaning of the chakra system for a body equilibrium.

ATKY goes to another dimension of the Yoga Practice; works with the co-creation energy that resides in lower chakras in order to be used afterwards to heal, unblock and to elevate the frequency of this energy to be rise it up in superior chakras. Works directly with the sexual energy as a source of co-creation energy and used as a gate to supra-concious.
One of his objectives is to collect, manipulate, transform and transmute the energy that gives life to our being. For this purpose ATKY uses 5 sacred tools that area contained in the Tantra Kaula System::
Pranayama (Swahara Yoga); lMeditation ( static & dynamic ); Asanas & Kriyas; Ritualism and sacred sexuality.

:::: OBJECTIVES ::::
That the student can become a facilitator, monitor and instructor of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. He or she will receive 110 hours of practicum & theory as a first part of a whole course of 200 hours of Teacher ́s Training of 200 hrs validated by Yoga Alliance.
1) Being able to give a Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga class of one hr. 45 minutes. 2) Develop and design a class from its basis: topic, theory, asana table, kriya,,
pranayams and dynamic meditation.
3) Energetically control of your being in one class.
4) Energy handle of a group.
5) Handle of group dynamics when there are specific cases.
6) Physical, Energy and sexual aspects of Tantra within ATKY
7) Administration and control of the phases of one class on ATKY- 8) Timing of one normal class, a demo and a Master Class.
9) Capability of develop a mini workshop about ATKY

Sub-Objetives Instructor Level:
a) Basic. Understanding of the body; breathing & pranayamic processes & balances, meditation & presence; sacred lock (Moola Bandha, Svadistana Bandha, Ashwini Mudra; Vajroli Mudra); meditation of energy movement within the physical & astral bodies; understanding & experiencing the sexual energy. Understanding & experiencing of the sacred sexual energy. Use of the basic tools of communication within tantra. Polar Balance of the physical body.
b) Intermediate. Understand the process and the target of one ATKY session; start to feel the accumulation of energy and how to flush it up; give basic knowledge of the energy system of the human body and the inter-relation with the psyco-emotional, with the energetically memory, and with blockages; sutil handling of the energy and pranyams; use of the pranayams of second level ( gnotti or Ujajji, vocalisation of sacred bijas, use of the kriya & pranayama, handling the kumbaka technique); kundalini kriyas; mudras kundalinicos (ashwini, vajroli & its inter-relation with the sacred energy ) Vajrayana & Kali Bola techniques. Active meditations within energy. And polar balance at the astral body.

I) Theory & Philosophy Framework
History of Yoga
Types of Yoga
Where ATKY comes the in between Vedas & Shramana
Anatomy in ATKY
Yoga Philosophy vs Tantric philosophy
Tantra Kahula & ATKY
Tantric Energy system in ATKY Chakras, nadis, marmas, kama-marmas & asanas Pranayams in ATKY: Breathing tipology & Pranayamas
Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas use & benefits
The importance of the sacred energy and the use of the Sacred Pump Bio-Energy and it ́s handling
Resonance principle & the man as universe arquetype
Static and active meditation; Nidra Yoga; mindfulness
Ascetic way of life or

2. Development of a Tantric Sadhana
- Satyas Kriyas: Netipot, Marine Salt in mouth, tongue scraping, eye cleaning.
- Pranayamas: Kapalbati, Nadi Sodana (4:8:8 ... 6:12:12 lower & superior locks ... 6:15:15 )
- Stand Still Meditation
- Cobra Breathing first level/ Cobra Breathing with kriya
- Activation & Cleaning of the Tantrika by Micro-Asanas. From
superior chakras to lower Chakras.
- The Archetype. It is very important to place an archetype that tansmites harmony, intensity and energy with out being invasive to your self and your students. Remember that deities they have within them an energetic connotation. One healthy way is just symbology.
- Incense types ... Before, during & afterward!
- Energy cleans up of your space.
- Reception of Students & Administrative control.
- Mouth wash.
- Energy Flush Up!
- How to distribuye by copules & trios.
- Awareness and you as an energy vortex.
- Asana Correction
- The handling when you are participating ( this is not Hatha).
- Closing and Business Follow UPr
- Cierre energético y de la clase.
- Timing. One normal session lasts one hour and a half if its twice or 3 times a week. If it ́s once a week between 2hrs to two hrs and a half. Demo always 45 min.
- Meditation & Consious breathing Level one & two.
- Chakra base breathing; bandas & mudras Level one & Two
- Ritualism & Energy Homogenization.
- You as an energy center , Vortex y synergetic movement within the sala.
- Couples, trios & Collective.
- Tantra Techniques:
- Importance of the Drista.
- Kirana Kriyas fix series and combined.
- Purificación Asanas (Sahay and Point plexus)
- Swara Yoga (pranayama exercises by nadis) Balancing
- Anulom Vilom (Level ONE) & Nadi Sodana ( Level two)
Las técnicas tantricas:
-- Asana process in ATKY: Sequence, individual work, by copules and in the
- Number of Asanas versus Experience & Knowledge. Level one 16 to 22. Level two 12 to 16. Take in to account Group energy, weather & circumstances.
- Asana structure: Energy & frequency synchronisation ; search for the posture, the intention, kriya o energetic dynamics (prana, bandha, physical and muscle tension), micro-meditation o awareness of the energy effect.
- The development of awareness during asanas practice in ATKY. Benefits: physical, psychologic, emotional, sexual & esoterica.
- Level TWO. Conscious process on the Ajna opening.(formal, subjective & energetically)
- Application of Pranayamas
- Application of conscious touch and the why: Cleaning, Relaxing, flush up
of sacred energy (Level two)
- Massage & conscious Touch in ATKY session.
- Mantralizatión combined with breathing (Level two).
- The closing y mantras the Ah, or Bijas mantras settle to be worked
during a period of time.
One Day Programming 8AM-18.30 PM
Tantrik Sadhana (Pranayama, Meditatión, Satyas Kriyas)
ATKY Intermediate level
How to teach: 5 days Basic Table y 5 days intermediate level table. Break
Theory & Philosophy Break
ATKY Advance Level