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Aphrodites Call – Retreat for Women

Now days women have forgotten what means to be a Real Woman. We are busy with different roles as mother, wife, friend, boss, manager or sister. We invite you to devote some time only for yourself and manifest your femininity! Because what world would be without women?


Akamanthos Avenue, PO Box 66154, Latchi CY 8820

Type of Event

  • Retreat



May 17 to
May 21
02:30 amto11:30 am

The times may change at some days. At two days we also have a project in the evening, but therefore more time in the afternoon. We also will come together for dinner.


850 €

Price is only for seminar.
Price for accommodation is 110 Eur per day for one person. The price includes:
- accommodation at Yogi Studio or Karma apartment;
- 3 meals a day;
- free access to sauna and steam room;
- free access to tennis court and fitness area;
- free use of bikes.

Full Description

Dear Women,
I´m Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Beauty, Love and also of Creation.
I see you need my help!
Struggling in daily life has made you hard and serious. You struggle to be a brave woman in your job, you work hard to be a good wife and mother, to cook healthy and to do your daily workout. You are very strict with yourself – no merci, never.
Where is your smile gone?
I want to show you the sweet sides of life. I want to show you your inner and outer beauty. I want to show you the mystery of your life. I want to show you your deep female power, which just flows without effort. I want to show you your love. I want to show you your freedom…and your laughter. I want to show you that you are blessed with yourself!
Life is beautiful. You are beautiful.
Come and enjoy – Aphrodite´s women – free, loving, and powerful!

Aphrodite 1st Day: The Secret of Being a Woman
You are becoming silent inside and outside. You learn how to listen to your inner female widom. We will take a look at the main points:
- Where are you at the moment in your life as a woman?
- How do you serve your being a woman in daily life
- Meditation, partner – , group- , energy work
- Awakening the Unconditional Love in you

Aphrodite 2nd Day: Getting rid of restrictions, roles and blockages as a woman
We will take a look at the whole stuff that you packed on your “free woman” - by yourself or from others (parents, partners, society). We will dissolve them (as much as is possible at the moment) with various methods.
- Meditation, energy work, energy dance
- Shakti Fire Ritual (Shakti = Female Energy)
- Deep cutting of boundaries
- Karma Release

Aphrodite 3rd Day: First steps as a Newborn Woman
You get in contact with your old – new inner woman. More healing and awakening your female power. This Day we will spend almost in silence.
- Silent meditation
- Contemplation in Nature
- Painting your inner beauty, your visions, your dreams
- Listening to your inner wise woman

Aphrodite 4th Day: Aphrodites sharing her Wisdom
We invite Aphrodite to teach you a new way of being – a playful and joyful woman.
- Your vision of a Sacred Sexuality.
- Your body – how to worship your sacred miracle
- Visiting Aphrodite`s Bath
- Ceremony in the Sea
- Dance of Joy

Aphrodite 5th Day: Getting Softer is getting Stronger
You take a look at your future: How to integrate your new woman being and feeling in your daily life structures.
- Balancing of your Female and Male aspects and energies
- Partner Work
- Seminar conclusion ritual

You will free yourself from old role types. You connect with your inner female wisdom and power. This will help you in daily life to trust first yourself, to hear your inner voice and to feel yourself as a free, loving woman - loving at first herself. You will start to look at your body with love and gratitude.
And maybe most important of all – you gain lot`s of joy, love and laughter. You will learn exercises for daily life.
Spending time with other women creates a big, sacred space of female power and supports the female energy in every woman to free itself.