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Arm balances & Inversions

In this workshop, I'll be teaching you how to get into inversions such as headstand (sirsasana) and arm balances such as crow ( bakasana ) effortlessly and with grace.


2, St James Avenue, London West Ealing, GB W13 9DJ

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  • Workshop

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Feb 28
13:00 pmto15:00 pm

Arm Balances and Inversions Workshop - Sunday 28th February 1-3pm
This workshop welcomes all levels of practitioners. You don't have to be an advanced yogi!



£25 If paid before February 14th, £30 thereafter.

Full Description

As a teacher, I'll admit it took a lot of practice to finally nail these postures and perform them with confidence, whilst demonstrating and giving teaching points all at the same time.
I remember going to other classes before I could do these postures and watching teachers do a headstand whilst giving teaching points and wondering how I'd ever manage to master it myself. It seemed like a really big wall to climb. Having said that, I quickly understood, the most fundamental importance of the learning curve is how imperative it is to do the postures with strong technique, as well as keeping it safe and balanced. It certainly requires mind strength, moreover physical strength in conjunction with the breath.

Depending on how the workshop unfolds and individuals who feel they'd like to try out and explore other inversions and arm balances, I'm open to teach, handstands, (ado mukha vrksasana), forearm stands ( pinchamayurasana ) and side crow variations (parsva bakasana or eka pada bakasana ) if you feel ready.

Remember you will only grow by stepping put of your comfort zone. Most successful people have had quite a few knocks on the chin ( no pun intended ) before they reaped the rewards of their success.

Do not try this at home!

Side effects:
Feeling more positive about yourself
Getting stronger physically and mentally
Feeling confident and alive
Noticing it's easier to shake off a negative headspace
Feeling much more balanced

If you get any of the symptoms above, contact your Yoga teacher immediately and share your experience with your friends :)

If symptoms persist, continue to practice even more!

I trust most of you who attend my classes are familiar with my playful personality. I feel it's important to adopt an element of fun and bring that aspect of yourself into the classes. If we let go and trust a bit more, perhaps, magically the postures will fall into place more effortlessly.