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Art of Conscious Love Workshop Portland, Oregon

If you long for more out of life, want to feel more & become more ‪#‎intimate‬ & ‪#‎authentic‬ with yourself & those you love. You Long to rediscover the nourishment that life gives you when you are allowing ‪#‎love‬ in. Not knowing how to tap into that pleasure and delight that graces us when we first fall in I have a secret. #Artofloving!


Jun 25
16:30 pmto20:00 pm

June 25th, 2016 Saturday Evening: 4.30pm - 8.00pm

Location: Vibrant Studio, 1532 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR, US



$60 Individual til May 7th (*Pre-registration required)

$75 Individual til June 7th (*Pre-registration required)

$90 Individual after June 7th

Full Description

Whether we like it and buy into it or not, we have been served a dream of what our lives should be like since we were young. And no matter what we consciously think about that dream, the programming is
And do you know, Tantric practices are the powerful tools to reprogram all from the way we see our sexuality to our relationships and ultimately our lives .....

Frankly, in this world there are so many 'good' reasons not to prioritize your pleasure, it's a product of a terrible misconception that pleasure is not 'productive' and we are all programmed to get that check-list done! Here is what I know, everything changes when you are sexually alive.

Join us in this special Tantra Workshop on September 5th,Register here:

If you want to experience more Love, Closeness, vulnerability, and reconnect to your Self-Love, this Tantra Workshop is right for you.

Art of Loving workshop introduce you to ancient Tantra guided meditation practices.
The practice includes both Tantra specific body work (postures) along with individual and partner guided meditations.

These ancient meditations promote healing between the masculine and feminine energies in each of us, which is so vital to our happiness and healing the world.

This fun and nourishing workshop is open to both couples and singles and is designed to:

*Discover how your sexual energy is your greatest tool for spiritual growth.

*Awaken new possibilities in how you relate to your own body, how you relate to your lover and how you relate to your life

*Free blocks in your body that are keeping you from experiencing pleasure

*Experience rich, gentle practice that will re-connect you to the love all around you

Come and learn to connect more deeply with Kundalini Shakti, the primordial sexual energy within.

Learn to harness her dynamic vibration to fuel the meditative process in order to access deeper states of awareness.

Sexual energy is completely natural. Use it to revitalize yourself again!
When we learn how to let our sexual energy flow, as it is meant to in revitalizes us, and makes us radiant and magnetic.

Learn how to feel energized and connected through relationships instead of overwhelmed by them.

Suitable for all levels.

Wherever you are on your journey, your experiences will deepen.

$60 Individual til March 5th (*Pre-registration required)
$75 Individual til March 12th. (*Pre-registration required)
$90 Individual regular price.

Come and learn with Rashmi what #Tantra is all about and how to live a more conscious, connected and juicy life. It will change your perspective towards life forever! :)

All major credit cards, checks and cash are accepted
(*No Partner Necessary)

March 19th, 2016 Saturday Evening: 4.30pm - 8:00pm

Location: Float Shoppe, 1505 NW 23rd St., Portland, Oregon

(*The classes are fully clothed with No sexual contact)