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Asana Workshops & Realignment Massage w Rita & Ryoma

Currently living in Macau, China, Rita & Ryoma teach yoga and hold massage sessions. They have perfected their techniques on how to open the body lines and help people in their posture and energy levels, and they want to share their gifts with the people of Lisbon!

Attend one or several workshops and then receive a massage - "join us"!


Aug 7
09:30 amto17:30 pm

Come explore different sides of Yoga and treat yourself to an amazing Japanese massage. English & Portuguese. All levels welcome.

9:30-11:00 —— WS1 “Espreguiçar”
11:30-13:00 —— WS2 “Força”
14:00-15:30 —— WS3 “À Lupa”
16:00-17:30 —— WS4 “Fluir”

18:00-22:00 - massage bookings



15 €

single WS - 15 euros ; 4 WS - 50 euros

Two people, full day - 90 euros

1 45mins massage - 25 euros

Full Description

Lisbon 2016 w/ Rita & Ryoma (Portugal/Macau/Japan)

9:30-11:00 —— WS1 “Espreguiçar” - Morning Stretch
11:30-13:00 —— WS2 “Força” - Strenghten your Center
14:00-15:30 —— WS3 “À Lupa” - Yoga Pose Lab
16:00-17:30 —— WS4 “Fluir”- Flowing in Vinyasa

18:00-22:00 - massage bookings

You will need: water, comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, notebook & pen, socks and a thick blanket

Language: English & Portuguese

Bookings & Enquiries:


single WS - 15 euros ; 4 WS - 50 euros
Two people, full day - 90 euros
1 45mins massage - 25 euros

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Rita & Ryoma share 3 common passions : their son, their love for music, and an obsession for opening body lines! Currently living in Macau, China, they teach yoga and hold massage sessions at downtown studio Yoga Loft Macau.

The two "bodyworkers" regularly study and perfect their techniques on how to open the body lines and help people in their posture and energy levels, and they want to share their gifts with the people of Lisbon!

"Come spend the day with us! Até já, matané!"


ASANA WORKSHOPS w/ Rita Goncalves

WORKSHOP 1 - “Espreguiçar”- Morning Stretch

Energize and wake up your body
Lenghten main lines with the help of your arms
Open up tight areas - shoulders & hips
Take the sequences home!

WORKSHOP 2- “Força” - Strengthen your Center

Breath and Bandhas - Ujjayi, the pillar of core strength
Tone upper/lower abs and go deep into your core
Work those arms and side torso muscles with planks!
Counterpose and compensate, unwind and release…

WORKSHOP 3 - “`A Lupa” - Yoga Pose Lab

Understanding why our pose is not like the pose in the picture
Common limitations (tightness/hypermobility) and how to work around them
Cover main poses and understand them better
Be the “guinea pig” in our yoga lab - are you doing that pose correctly?

“WORKSHOP 4 - “Fluir” - Flowing in Vinyasa

Learn the bases of Vinyasa Flow
Explore basic poses and possible variations
Why do we do one pose after another?
Vinyasa Jam session - time to explore!




Known for her nurturing and diligent attitude when it comes to Yoga, Macau-bred and Lisbon-born Rita Gonçalves has been practicing Yoga since she was 18. What started as a hobby became a full time passion, and so Rita put away her journalist pen and made the leap to India, doing her first 200H at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. Still today, the presence of this comprehensive Hatha Yoga tradition can be felt in the way she guides you in relaxation, mantra repetition, breathwork, and in being truly present in your practice.

Rita’s inquisitive personality led her to become something of a “scientist-yogi”, always researching. In France she studied Pilates (Matwork), Guided Relaxation (Sophrology) and Energy Healing (Reconnection).

In Macau, where she opened her own boutique studio “Yoga Loft Macau”, she continues her research work, first delving into Anatomy for Yoga and Yoga Therapy with Leslie Kaminoff and, more recently, focusing on Sequencing for Vinyasa Flow with Noah Mazé.

Devoted to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Rita deepened her knowledge of this vigorous practice with Paul Dallaghan and his team, doing their 200H training at Centered Yoga, Thailand. Over the years she has had the honour of attending workshops with teachers that also see Yoga as a tool for transformation, namely Manju Jois, David Swenson, Noah Mazé, Ana Forrest, Kirsten Berg, Mitchel Gold, Tomaz Zorzo, Isa Guitana, Miguel Homem, among others.


Ryoma Ochiai has been working as a massage therapist for over a decade, and has developed an unique way of helping people’s postural alignment. In 2003 he went to Thailand to study in the prestigious “Old Medicine Hospital” Thai Massage School and the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai. He then complemented his studies at the Japan Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medical Treatment College in Tokyo, where he spent 3 years.

Ryoma regularly studies with his master in Japan, where he is constantly learning new ways of correcting posture and releasing tightness.

He begins by checking your posture and asking you where you feel tight or sore. He also asks what your occupation is, so he can understand what positions and repetitive actions led you to your current body state.

He then works with pressure points and realigns the body by lengthening and manipulating muscles. This will make the client’s body get into the right condition.

When you stand up after your massage, you will feel lighter, taller, more open, with a broader shoulder and chest posture.