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Ashtanga Vinyasa Holiday Workshops with Gérald Disse & Linda Munro

Gérald and Linda are delighted to be offering this series of workshops over the Christmas Holidays!

We hope you can join us for a part or all of the sessions!

All the session are open to all levels of practitioners.



40 avenue de la République, Paris FR 75011

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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Dec 27 to
Dec 31
09:00 amto17:30 pm


280 €

There are also pricing options for those only wishing to do parts of the workshop rather than the whole thing. For instance you can do one day for 45 euros or just the pranayama each morning for 60 euros. See the details on the registration form on our website.

Full Description

Pranayama ~ Affecting the Pranic Body:
December 27th - December 31st 9h00 – 10h00

Each day of the workshops we’ll guide you through breathing exercises to relax and harmonize the body, breath and mind.

Mysore Practice or Introduction to Mysore:
December 27th - December 31st 10h00 – 12h00

If you already have established a Mysore practice then you continue as usual. For those new to the Mysore style practice we’ll put you with the others new and help you memorize a portion of the series.

Key Core Concept 1 ~ Connecting to the Shoulders:
December 27th 13h00 – 15h00

In this workshop we’ll discover our arms and shoulders in a profound way. Working on how to safely align the joint in the āsanas, how to find the balance between flexibility and strength and lastly how the core of the body plays a significant part in both flexibility and stability of the arms and shoulder girdle.

Key Core Concept 2~ Rooting the Legs:
December 28th 13h00 – 15h00
On this day we’ll continue on the theme of connecting to our core but now from the bottom up – the legs! The emphasis will be on standing poses and how to find strength and stability with the balance of the center of our body (aka Bandhas).

Core Connection ~ Chaturanga and more:
December 29th 13h00 – 15h00
We’ve accomplished strong, secure arms and legs through the use of our center, now we’ll connect top to bottom with this powerful pose, chaturanga dandasana. Plus many more fun poses to invigorate the core of our body (aka abs).

Moving Forward ~ Forward Bends & Hip Opening:
December 30th 13h00 – 15h00

When we open our hips and hamstrings we free our spine; allowing more movement overall. We’ll approach this workshop as a flowing practice to heat the body to allow the muscles to dissolve into the movements focusing on sitting forward bends and hip opening.

Bending Backwards ~ Back Bending for All:
December 31st 13h00 – 15h00

With our open hips we’ll continue on techniques for energizing back bends for all! We’ll find ways to improve upward facing dog and see how all the back bending poses can feel great!

Galettes des Rois ~ Fun for Friends & Family:
January 1st 16h00 – 17h30

Start the year off with positive affirmations, the support of the yoga community and your closest friends and family. No charge, just bring something to drink or a galettes des rois to share! Everyone is welcome, not only those taking the workshops.