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Atman Catching

We take an impression of the front body; interested in the relationship of navel to sternum and the nadi originating there. The end result-- I use the mold made from torso to create a sculpture .  Will have 15-20 sculptures of yoga teachers the exhibit. ( no heads, so no ego--but as Rodin said when asked why his sculptures had no heads: " the head is everywhere")


118 oxford street, cambridge MA, US 02140

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  • General Event


Aug 28 to
Dec 28
14:00 pmto14:00 pm

We are in process of casting the front torsos os yogi teachers. Looking at the relationship of navel to sternum and nadi energy. Casting process takes about an hour. In studio work, in Boston. Please contact Christine if the project interests you.



Each particpant will recieve a large format photo of finished piece.

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Process takes about an hour.