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Autumn Urban Retreat: Strength and the Art of Letting Go

If your life is a little frenetic; if you're already spread a bit too thin; if things are starting to fray around the edges, this day is for you. Retreat for the afternoon, to give yourself the time and space you need to bring everything back to centre


257 Liverpool Road, London GB N1 1LX
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  • Workshop

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Oct 30
14:15 pmto17:15 pm



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To survive the challenge of winter, trees must reduce themselves to their toughest parts. As the nights draw in, they sense the loss of light and begin the process that creates the stunning hues of autumn.

Before they shed their leaves, they reabsorb the most valuable nutrients, storing them safely in their roots for leaner times to come. Even once the leaves fall, their nutrients trickle into the soil, fertilising the earth for new growth. These falling leaves are key to the survival of not only the trees, but of forests as a whole.

In the same spirit of surrender, this afternoon urban retreat offers you the time and space to dive deep into your yoga, to let go of what no longer serves you, and make space for new possibilities in your life. The lessons of the past will feed the growth of your future - all you need do is gently release your grasp.

Expect smart sequencing and a strong, sweaty practice. Enjoy deeply centring asana to create a sense of steadiness and ease, and to ground you into the strongest part of yourself. From this sense of rootedness, explore the intention of surrender and letting go, seeking clarity on what is no longer of use to you, and turning it into the fertiliser of the future.

After we practice, tea and snacks will replenish the stores, along with some time to connect with the rest of the tribe.

To complete the afternoon, you'll be immersed in a practice of Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxing meditation that will return you to the truest sense of yourself.

Return to your daily world rested, with a sense of steadiness, freedom and clarity.