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Ayahuasca and Yoga Retreat in Peru

Come for a retreat for accelerated healing and deep psychological, emotional and spiritual reprogramming in Peru this December 14-21st. We will be working with Amazonian plant medicine, ayahuasca, practicing yoga and learning tools for navigating altered states.


Pervian Amazon473708
Tarapoto, Tarapoto Tarapoto, PE

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  • Retreat

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Dec 14 to
Dec 21
04:00 amto04:00 am



Price includes:
-pick up from the airport
- 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies
- lodging
- meals
- workshops before, after and between ceremonies
- yoga classes
- visiting local places of interest and stunning nature spots, and a kayak trip
- optional plant diet with Master Plants, individually selected for you
- 25 min private body/ energy healing sessions
- if needed – individual support by Meriana and Chakaruna (who is quite fluent in English)

Full Description

This all-inclusive retreat, will be a unique merging of some of the most powerful healing, and mind- expanding traditions of the indigenous shamans of Peru, and the Western world- Medicine work and psychotherapy. It will be a combination of three Ayahuasca journeys, with, a very experienced and well known shaman with a heavenly voice and an out-of-this world brew. In most days before/ after and between the ceremonies, there will be transformational workshops, designed to help you navigate the shamanic landscapes, and make the most out of the medicine journeys, facilitated by psychotherapist Meriana Dinkova. The workshops will address a variety of core issues that plant medicines can heal, and give you a map, a framework, and a cutting edge tool kit to navigate the Ayahuasca experience in a safe way, while maximizing the learning and the spiritual transformation it can provide. On most days there will also be yoga classes, led by Jaime Lehner.

Since the shaman is internationally well known, and gets flown to work with groups all over the world, to guarantee his safety when being abroad, he will remain anonymous in this description and go by the name CHAKARUNA. if you need more information about him, send me a private message.

This retreat will be a unique combination of traditional healing modalities with Ayahuasca and other Master Plants, neo-shamanistic tools, psychotherapy techniques, yoga and group process.

We will use neo-shamanic technology aimed at recognizing and reprogramming of emotional malware , getting rid of psychological viruses, and rebooting and upgrading your personal and spiritual operating system:)

On some of the days between the ceremonies and the workshops, we will be visiting some of the absolutely gorgeous nature and wildlife sites in the area, and most likely include a kayak trip:) Participants will have the option to do a special plant diet with Master plants, selected specifically for them by CHAKARUNA.

At this retreat you will:

Learn neo-shamanistic, transpersonal, and somatic techniques for navigating the multi-dinmentional landscapes, and harvesting their spiritual treasures.
Recognize and shift whatever emotional ties and unconscious beliefs are holding you back from being your highest and most authentic self, and from fully rocking your life and your expression in the world.
Get support in custom- designing and embodying the YOU, that you are called and inspired to grow into, and learn how to live and manifest from that place
Become aware of our ancestral contracts and beliefs, which are no longer serving you, and learn ways to align your energy and intention in ways that supercharge the manifestation of the goals and projects, aligned with your deepest purpose
Through specialized consciousness tools, we will explore ways to deal with and shift difficult experiences, and uncover the treasures they often hide
You will become aware of places where you are still holding unresolved resentments and regrets and will learn rituals and practices, that support you to forgive and let go – be it others or most importantly yourself.
You will learn tools to open and work with different dimensions of reality and to use the beings from those realms as guides and allies. You will learn ways to work with the archetypes from your personal mythology , as well as the ‘proper code of conduct’, when encountering entities from other planes.
You will get a lot of support with integration of the experiences during the retreat into your life ‘back home’
Those retreats tend to facilitate deep bonding between participants, which often leads to friendships, community and support network, which go way beyond the retreat itself.