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Babaji's Kriya Yoga

Babajis Kriya Yoga is a synthesis of Saiva Siddhantha, the yoga of the siddha tradition of s. india and Classical Yoga, as described by Patanjali. Emphasis is on a balanced approach to the development of the body, mind and spirit complex.



tunnel mnt.157718
village 1, banff AB, CA

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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles


Aug 1 to
Aug 3
12:00 pmto09:00 am

starting friday eve, setting up camp and introductory talk and guided meditation. sat 9 am proper begins till 5 pm sat eve free, workshop continues sunday 9am till 3pm (camping on site)



sliding scale depending on means

Full Description

The weekend workshop incorporates 5 phases: postures/hatha yoga to create a foundation/ a fit body for meditation, breathwork/pranayama to awaken ones potential energy/kundalini, meditation/dhyana to train the mind at all of its levels, devotion/bhakti to open ourselves to the joy found in divine communion and use of mantras/sacred syllables which calm and empower one through attunement of ones conciousness to divine qualities.

If you have previously participated in the first initiation of Babajis Kriya Yoga this is an opportunity to review the techniques and network with other students. (theres no charge to attend for returning students) The seminar would also be of interest to any seasoned yoga practitioners and or to beginners. No adherence to any religious belief system is required.