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18 hayes place, london london, GB nw1 6ua

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Oct 26
06:30 amto09:30 am



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A strong and flexible spine is an important part of your practice. In this workshop we will establish the foundations for back bending. Working from the ground upwards, examining the legs in standing postures and how they affect the spine. We will move up the arms and work shoulder opening exercises to facilitate greater space during big backbends like the wheel (Urdvha Dahnurasa) and eventually once we’re all warmed up work our drop backs from standing.

Be prepared to arch back, often there is a lot of fear and emotions around backbends. It's normal, and we’ve all been there. This workshop will create a safe environment for greater discovery of what your body can achieve. Open to all levels accept complete beginners. It doesn’t matter how stiff or flexible you are, back bends are for everyone. Building step by step, only going as far as you’re comfortable, but definitely beyond where you’ve been before.
Come and explore!
Elisa teaches vinyasa flow with an emphasis on original sequencing for a continuously evolving practice. Incorporating a sound knowledge of anatomy and drawing upon her BA in Maharishi Vedic Science she provides a challenging and safe class environment for all levels.
Asanas are the external play, but the inner work is the most rewarding. Practicing with awareness, patience and compassion, we train the heart, mind and the body to be strong and flexible.
Elisa’s love for yoga is evident in all of her classes!