Be Whole, Being Woman: Holistic Healing Retreat

Come and celebrate your womanhood, in sisterhood.
Join us on an empowering and healing journey to embrace your full potential as a woman and become the heroine of your own story. Heal, spread your wings and fly. Remember who you truly are and rewrite your own story. Every woman is warmly welcome, regardless of her age and experience.


Mar 6 to
Mar 15
12:00 pmto12:00 pm

Come and celebrate your womanhood, in sisterhood.
Join us on an empowering and healing journey, learn to embrace your full potential as a woman and become the heroine of your own story.



Full Description

Treat yourself to this transformational 10-day woman-only retreat in southern Cambodia, located right next to the Mekong River. This holistic Yoga, Healing and Meditation retreat will support you in becoming healthier, happier and feeling whole as a woman. Be the radiant woman you have always dreamt of being.

Every day you will be provided with a nourishing and rhythmic blend of holistic practices such as Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, meditation, yoga Nidra, mantra singing and energy healing. You will acquire knowledge about the yogic lifestyle, yogic philosophy, ayurvedic nutrition, living with the cycles of the moon, various energy healing techniques and Reiki. You will also be shown techniques which can help you to manifest the life of your dreams. You will be learning and practicing your skills in Reiki self-healing and by the end of the retreat you will be initiated and certified in the level 1 Reiki of the Usui Reiki tradition.

The knowledge, tools and inner wisdom you will acquire throughout the process of this 10-day retreat will leave you feeling stronger and more balanced, happy and at peace, healthy and energized. You will be given a repertoire of powerful techniques and skills to help you overcome disharmony and effectively deal with stressful situations in your everyday life. In a supportive community, you will be inspired to find ways of how to integrate yoga and meditation into your everyday life, as well as how to use Reiki and other energy healing techniques on yourself. By sharing your experiences in sisterhood and learning more about the yogic lifestyle and its philosophy, you will gain enriching new perspectives on your own life. The practice of Mauna (sacred silence) every morning will also give you time for introspection so that you may hear the secret messages of your soul.

Come and join us on this healing journey of transformation so that you can finally become that extraordinary woman who is just waiting to emerge. Learn to love yourself more and open up to the infinite potential of your soul. Deepen your experience of cycling with the moon, flowing with the tides, dancing with the wind and walking in the enchanted circles of life. Embrace your stunning inner and outer beauty and dive into the innate wisdom and creative strength of being a woman.


・Daily morning and evening practice of Hatha and Kundalini yoga & meditation
・Practice and learning about energy healing techniques
・Philosophy talks and inputs on yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, Reiki, moon cycle and energy healing
・Reiki level 1 course and certification
・One 60min private session: Yoga / Meditation / Reiki / Energy Healing
・Free Yoga Shirt, personal Journal and Cambodian souvenir

・Guided visit to Buddhist pagoda, chanting session with the monks, receiving water blessing
・Morning boat trip and sunrise meditation on Mekong river
・Guided tour to local village and farms, learning how to prepare local desserts

・Woman-only full moon retreat
・Accommodation and exclusive access to the beautiful Eco Hanchey Bamboo Resort.
・3 healthy and fresh vegetarian meals per day, prepared by Cambodian chefs
・Drinking water and fresh local fruits

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Manuela Kind
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