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Beneath the Blues - Yoga for anxiety and depression

Yoga for anxiety and depression - Finding the light within,
- Do you experience anxiety or depression?
- Do you feel down or blue for no apparent reason?
- Do you stop yourself doing simple things out of fear?
- Do you want more light, ease and joy in your life?
- Would you like to bring more balance into your body and mind?
Then this workshop is for you.

During this workshop we will practice different techniques including yoga, breath work and meditation.


494 Lygon Street, Melbourne VIC, AU 3057

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  • Workshop

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Mar 21
06:00 amto09:00 am



Early Bird Price runs until Feb 28th $50

Full Description

Rani will guide you through a specifically designed asana practice (physical postures), particular pranayama (breath work), and meditation and relaxation techniques aimed at relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression when they arise, and bringing more ease and balance into your daily life in the long term. She will offer a variety of tools, in hope that each participant leaves the workshop feeling confident in having a practice that specifically works for them in bringing balance and wellbeing into their lives.
Our essence is light, but sometimes because of various reasons this light is dimmed and we become very very Blue. Anxiety and depression can take us into such dark places, that we forget that we ever had light within us. It can cause us to feel so heavy and so alone. This workshop will take you on a journey, digging beneath the blues, to once again find the light that shines within you.
I started to experience depression at the age of 12 years old. Since I was a child I was always a worrier. This grew into severe anxiety as a teenager. There have been many times when I have struggled to get myself out of bed, seeing no reason to be a part of this world. Feeling completely useless, helpless and alone. When I discovered yoga, it helped me see a reason to live. It helped me realize that I wanted to be happy and if only I made that choice, it would not be easy but I could work towards it. Having a regular yoga practice has helped me be balanced in my body, my mind and my spirit. In my late twenties I began to suffer from severe panic attacks. The room would close in on me and I felt like I was suffocating. I felt like something was pressing down on my chest so hard, surely I was going to die. Gasping for air, my whole body furiously shaking in a pile of mess on the floor. Unable to leave the house for days, terrified that this would happen to me in public. The breath work that I have learnt from my yoga practice has been one of the most vital tools in helping me through these situations. It continues to be one of my most valued techniques. Conscious movement helps me to move out of my head and into my body, even if only for a moment, it distracts the mind from its manic stressing. Meditation I’ve found can be very challenging in times of high anxiety but so useful over time in creating a sense of calmness and connectedness. Discovering Yoga and Meditation has been a blessing for me. They continue to be my greatest tools in moving through and beyond the blues. Keeping me connected or at least aware of my inner bliss.
When I first started to experience panic attacks and severe anxiety, I was ashamed to talk about it with anybody. I thought there was something wrong with me. As I slowly began to share with others, I realized how common it actually is. Almost everybody I spoke to had either had similar experiences or knew somebody who had. This has lead me to feel really passionate about sharing my experience with the intention of offering support and guidance to others who have symptoms of anxiety and depression, so they can feel empowered to bring change into their lives, and so they too can know they are not alone.
In this workshop Rani will hold a safe and nurturing space to:
~ Gather tools, which may be useful in helping you through tough times.
~ Connect with a community who has similar experiences.
~ Share your experience (or be there to hold space and listen if you don’t wish to share)
~ Feel Empowered and Free, to be happy and feel good.