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Bhakti Yoga Soul Adventure in Ecuador Jan. 11 - 24 2017

Bhakti = Soul Devotion
Finding heights of joy within depth of purpose :
Reverence - Discipline - Humility;
​Active devotion for greater good; wholistic wellness and co-evolution of self, humanity, biosphere, and cosmos

A deeply inspiring eco-spiritual community immersion experience !


Box 1113, Vilcabamba EC 110114
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  • Retreat

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Jan 11 to
Jan 24
12:00 pmto12:00 pm



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Daily contemplative yoga class accompanied by mantra; moving through asana as an experience of mantra in the body. Experiencing vibrational energy as it moves through the chakras and kindles the soul.
Thus we offer our yoga practice as a prayer of embodiment, as an invocation to creation for the greater good of all.
"Each mantra generates an intention and a sound field that connects us through the heart to a guided asana sequence, engaging the body, breath, and awareness in a unified dance of synchrony and sanctity within the vibration of the mantra."
While engendering all the beneficial qualities of hatha yoga, Bhakti Yoga Flow also invokes a transcendence of physicality and personality, taking the practice into the refined energetics of soul devotion.

The mysteries of creation and the mysteries of sound are one, both are vast realms of vibrational frequency, both have limitless expression, both arise from a profound intelligence beyond rational knowing.
The power of sacred music to move the soul, open the heart, & alter consciousness is an ancient vedic science; nada yoga.
The essence of Om, the primal vibration, gives rise to all phenomena and all states of consciousness.
Chanting mantras and singing kirtan create sacred space and devotional consciousness through contemplative group coherence. Fields of sound that are rich in harmonics and primal in nature can induce deep meditation, healing experiences, and profound visionary journeys in expanded consciousness. Mantra, Kirtan, and Sound Meditation will play a central role in the Bhakti Yoga Soul Adventure. Participants will gain a large repertoire of mantras and bhajans, will receive a comprehensive songbook and recording for future reference, and will have opportunity to experience and learn drumming, native flute, and didjeridu.

Harmonizing the inward with outward, honoring the body as sacred, offering and receiving touch from the heart of being.
Experiencing the power of touch to center awareness and engage the healing processes of the body, feeling into the sanctity of each shared moment and the eternal kindness of soul communion. Conscious Touch is a deeply meditative and intuitive approach to bodywork that doesn't require much knowledge of anatomy. When we are loving and spacious within, and fully conscious in the present moment, our hands are guided from the soul level and our touch is graced by its depth of caring.

Conscious movement grounds the awareness into the present moment, freeing the mind to rest, and allowing the authentic self to lovingly express in reverent heart centered gestures devotion.
The program will include daily practice of an awareness through movement sequence calle Infinity Wave Repatterning, and the profoundly beautiful Unity Dance, which we will take on pilgrimage to sacred places in nature as a ceremony of reverence and communion with pacha mama and her biospheric web of life.
The unity dance is a gentle integrated practice for sustaining our physical and energetic centering, and for opening our awareness to experience our unity with the greater whole. It serves to “weave our awareness into the fabric of creation” and to enter into a state of wholistic coherence. The unity dance also gently stretches muscles, circulates lymph fluids and invigorates the nervous system with flowing movements, it oxygenates and enlivens th tissues with pranic breathing, and brings the mind into focussed presence with the heart, body, and soul intention.

The act of feeding ourselves is the act of creating our bodies, and by being self-responsible for the entire process,
in caring for the soil, planting and tending our gardens, preparing our meals, and eating highly nutritious and vital foods, we create ourselves in a deliberately wholesome and reverent way.
Wholistic Permaculture is the Bhakti way to steward the earth and commune with our habita the ecosystems that so graciously sustain us; intelligent design of infrastructure, a thriving biodiverse landscape, conscious and sustainable ways of living that arise from our devotion to the wellbeing of the whole. Our growing awareness of the subtle aspects of nature’s design, such as the cycling of life energies and the consciousness of plants, enables us to honor these aspects of the process as well, increasing the depth and richness of our relationship with the natural world and our ability to live in harmony and sustain its wellness.

Inspiration ~ Activation ~ Evolution ; Opening awareness and refining perception to align ou life-paths with greater truth and higher potential.
As we progress on our journey of self-development, its helpful to refine our lens of self- perception and see into ourselves
ever more deeply, to have fresh perspectives on how our reality and ultimate potential are configured, and to fine-tune our way of being in the world. Integral awareness practices are form of Jnana, a yoga of contemplation for accessing transcendental wisdom.
We re-pattern our mental framework to align with greater truth to better facilitate the authentic journey of the soul, and infuse daily life with more consciousness, intentionality and grace.