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Bloom with Yoga Basics


4 Bella Rosa Street, Bellville Western Cape, ZA 7550
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  • Workshop

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May 27 to
May 29
17:30 pmto11:30 am

Friday 27th May 5.30 - 7.30pm
Saturday 28th May 11am - 2pm
Sunday 29th May 9.30 - 11.30am



Book per workshop for R350 per workshop or book for all three at a special rate of R900

Full Description

The aim with this workshop is to show that there is not only one path towards a pose/asana. As you learn to quiet your mind, you will learn that there are spaces that you can create by allowing stillness into your mind that will essentially flow into your practice. We will guide you to connect to these spaces, showing different paths and modifications of how you can connect to your practice. In that space, we hope for you not only to find alignment and foundation, but also a sense of stillness and peace.

Friday, 08 April 5.30-7.30pm ~ OPEN MINDS, HANDS & FEET ;R 350 This 2-hour workshop allows you to connect with your breath, as we transfer into a space of quiet towards the body and mind. Sun Salutation A is such a beautiful breakdown each pose in Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar A) with the aim to bring lightness into limbs with foundation in hands and feet. We touch on Sun Salutation B as we focus on certain modifications to improve the physical aspect of your practice.

Saturday, 09 April 11am-2pm ~ OPEN HIPS; R 350 During this 3-hour workshop we reconnect with the foundation of the above, moving forward into Sun Salutation B(Surya Namaskar B) with the aim to open hips. We modify certain postures to allow space and alignment in the hips as we move through various postures, Warrior 1,2,3(Virabhadrasana 1,2,3),Triangle(Trikonasana), Halfmoon pose(Ardha Chandrasana). We show different variations of how to get acquainted with these postures to ensure that you move through them safely and with confidence.

Sunday, 10 April, 9.30-11.30am ~ OPEN HEART with TWISTS; R350 Let your heart expand right through your fingertips, into your toes, up to the crown of your head! You have your foundation, let's grow now and create confidence. We bloom into postures like the bow(Dhanurasana), twisting in Triangle, lifting in Cobra(variations of Locust)...we use our arms, hands, legs and feet as we aim to lift and twist our hearts towards the sky.

We look forward to share and bloom with you!