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Body Awareness ~ Tap Into Your Body's Wisdom

This workshop is designed for you to reacquaint yourself with your body & listen to what it is trying to say to you.
The body always speaks to us through sensations like pain, stiffness, but how often do you listen to them?
When we are able to embrace each sensation & give it the proper attention, we allow tension to release!


2760 Daniel St, Clearwater FL, US 33761

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  • Workshop

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Nov 7
14:00 pmto16:00 pm

Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 2 - 4 pm
Yoga Village in Clearwater, FL

We often tend to move through postures without really feeling the sensations arising & moving through us but when we really take the time to feel into them, we start to shift this feeling into healing!

What is your body trying to say to you? Do you listen?



Price $30 in advance $35 day of event

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"Change your relationship with your body & it will be the most loyal listener and follower you’ve ever had!”~ Yogi Bhajan

This workshop is focused on the physical body, our emotions and how our expression and awareness of these emotions impact the health of our physical body. It’s a time to reconnect and listen to the many messages our body is providing, its natural intelligence and reestablish a deep connection from a space of loving curiosity to this physical body that hosts you in this precious life.

Can you imagine just for a moment, to loose your senses? Without them, how would your life be? Would you feel it to be as enriched? So, why not tap into the wisdom of your body ~ it’s right there ready to share all the knowledge you seek!
If you honor every part of what you are experiencing, you can find the amrita, sweet nectar, of life! Everything has a flow and because we are made up of 70% water, we also need to be fluid and move with our body, mind, and soul connection.
Our bodies tell us everything we need to know that our minds are creating and manifesting. When we neglect our emotions, those emotions appear in our body. Our emotions influence everything we do, or don’t do; what we eat or crave and how we eat or crave. It’s because emotions are energy in motion we need to move our body and allow that energy to move fluidly.
We want to use the body to reorganize the brain so that the mind can have a creative and spontaneous interaction with the world (KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 1).
The physical body is the 5th Body out of the 10 bodies and it is the “Teacher/Balance, the TEMPLE where the other 9 bodies play out their parts. “If your Fifth body is weak, you may be angry, greedy, jealous, competitive, ungrateful. Your inner and outer realities will be out of balance. You may have trouble expressing yourself verbally, and you may be afraid to be in the position of the teacher.” (KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 1)

-How do you feel in your body today?
-How do you respond to your body when you feel pain or discomfort?
-How do you relate to your body? How do you speak to it lovingly or with disdain?
-Did you know that every area of the body correlates to specific emotions?
Physical symptoms are your body’s way to tell you something is out of balance - “Hey, please I need you to listen, pay attention to me…” Scientists are able to measure the physiological effects of emotional states and how the body demonstrates a weaker or stronger response to your mental state. Everything is tracing back to emotions, how you handle them, and how your body responds to it. Your body will respond to whatever you tell it.
Want to know more? Join me in this workshop to approach with loving curiosity and reestablish a connection to this physical body that hosts you in this precious life.