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Body of Sound Empowering Authentic Expression A Retreat for Women ~ Peru

Awakening into Harmony joins with Body of Prana in this exclusive retreat for women in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Prana is the life force and the center of all things. Sound is the initial creation from this space. Combined, embrace yourself in the arms of sisterhood. As we awaken our voices and reclaim our power as women.


La Rinconada S/N Pisac Sacred Valley Cusco, Cusco CUS, PE 084

Type of Event

  • Retreat


May 20 to
May 26
08:00 amto17:00 pm

For full information regarding retreat leaders, venue, schedule, pricing and to register please visit:

Earlybird pricing in effect till May 1st. Spaces limited.



Full Description

The throat chakra is the pressure valve that expresses the whole system. By allowing and freeing this sound resonance of your entire being one discovers harmony. Therefore, unlocking the great mysteries within, creating space for our higher selves to anchor into our physical body. This is the link to self-mastery and embodiment of our divine selves in physical form.

Energy = Vibration = Frequency = Sound

Our entire system, from spirit, mind and body is a compilation of sound.

​What has been blocking you from discovering freeing your authentic expression?

The voice.

​Through freeing the voice and embodying your soul frequency discover your true strength as a woman. With the grounded and clear confidence to speak your truth, set your healthy boundaries, joyfully express your femininity, sing your hearts song, and ultimately fall in love with you are ~ a perfect and whole being.

Clear - Open - Align

​It's time to release old traumas, fears, self-judgement, resentment, rejection and grief. To clear past relationships so the garden of the feminine can sprout from your womb and blossom in your heart.

​Allow your voice to restore your body, mind and spirit into harmony.

​No more getting all twisted up inside.

No more holding yourself back.

No more second guessing what you know.

No more giving into situations/people when your heart says no.

No more living a half-lived life.

Power is not taken, it is given away.
Given away to the countless fears bottled up inside.

​There is no ego in standing strong and clear in your being. It is your natural birth right as a human being. And this applies to both women and men. It is through the balance of humility as the eternal student that one remains in their heart and rooted in their core.

Movement and the Subtle Energy Body

Energy moves. The body moves.

Through movement and voice awaken to a deeper sense of the subtle energy body and how it expresses itself.

​Stagnancy = Non-Movement = Blocked Energy

So many of us have become stuck in comfort and the everyday rhythms of life that we've forgotten to move our WHOLE body. The skin is the largest organ of your body, every cell and atom has energy and vibration. Through dance, yoga, massage, energy work and self-care we re-awaken these parts of ourselves. Moving the energy so that it can once again flow harmoniously.

We will begin everyday with Pranic Yoga Sessions and be dancing our chakras throughout the retreat.

It's time to love every inch of your body and to feel your skin as the sensual being that you are.

Loving Yourself

Self love is key. So many people put it second but it should be first. When I am in a space of self love ~ through all my expressions ~ that love vibration emanates from my being. Therefore, everyone I encounter enters this field of love.

I do things from my heart and because I want to, not because I have to. To do something from that place of having to is a restricted energy, pinched and pulled back. That energy does not vibrate love from my being, so when others I encounter enter my field they feel cluttered and mixed up energy.

​Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a practical and efficient energy healing modality to help restore the body back into a place of alignment. It pulls out the stagnant energy in the form of cords, realigns the chakras, and opens up and frees the energy in the body to flow harmoniously.

Throughout the retreat, Safah will be accelerating the process for each individual by helping to free up the blocked energy that the sound is activating. Creating more ease in the letting go. And helping to maintain a harmoniously energetic group field.


​In addition to the daytime retreat, we will also be offering optional Ayahuasca ceremonies for those who wish to go deeper with this plant with two heart centered and clear facilitators, who will be holding a safe and grounded masculine presence for us women.

Retreat Outline

Each day is specifically designed to focus on an area of your body.

We will begin from the root chakra and move our way up towards the heart as the days progress. From there, we will transition to the crown chakra and work our way back down into the heart.

The modalities used throughout this process is the voice, sound, dance, yoga, breath work, energy work, bodywork, and unconditional love.

Christina Wells has integrated her Vocal Embodiment ~ 4 part series into this retreat. As a facilitator and coach, the only way to embody is to do. To understand in more depth what this series entails, please click here.

The final retreat outline will be handed out on day one. There will likely be an offered Puja but the day has not yet been confirmed.

Day One

Root Chakra


Pranic Yoga Session

Opening Ceremony


Getting Primal w/ Sound

Root Chakra Dance

Meet Ayahuasca Facilitators and Sign-Up

Day Two

Sacral Chakra


Pranic Yoga Session

Healthy Womb Class

Sacred Sounds Vocal Class


Sounding Out What's Blocked

Sound Healing Concert

Optional Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day Three

Day of Silence & Self-Love

This whole day will be spent in silence.



Flower Bath


Private Sessions (not included in retreat)

We will finish the day with a group circle and sharing.

Optional Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day Four

Heart Chakra


Pranic Yoga Session

Balancing the Heart Center and Tools for Empowerment

Heart Alchemy Vocal Class


Special Exercise

Heart Song Circle

Heart Chakra Dance & DJ

Ayahuasca Check-In/Integration Support/Sign-Up

Day Five

Solar Plexus ~ Empowerment


Pranic Yoga Session

Balancing the Solar Plexus & Tools for Empowerment

Authentic Communication & Healthy Boundaries


Group Practice ~ Revealing the Truth through Love

Sing Your Bodies & Dance

Optional Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day Six

Crown Chakra


Pranic Yoga Session

Opening Your Channel w/ Sound

Balancing the Crown center and the Role of Concentration for Empowerment


Sing & Attune to the Higher Frequencies

Light Language

Optional Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day Seven

Crown to Heart ~ Embodiment of Authentic Expression


Pranic Yoga Session

Service ~ The Ultimate Liberator


Embodiment of Sound Vocal Class

Share the Healing Light of Sound

Closing Ceremony

Ecstatic Embodied Dance

Collective Choir ~ Group Concert