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Bodymeditation and Krishnamurti

In meditation we often see the illusionary nature of the ego clearly. This clarity may have been established in our minds but has not necessarily arrived in the deeper layers of our body. To transfer the openness we have achieved in meditation to the clarity of embodied action we may find that the use of meditative sensing and slow, precise Yoga moves greatly assists the opening of frozen feelings and body habits. I have called this work "Bodymeditation".


Swanwick Centre
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538 Swanwick Road, Victoria BC, CA V9C 3Y8
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Sep 26 to
Sep 28
11:00 amto08:15 am

Friday 26.9. - Sunday 28.9.



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During meditation many of us have clearly seen that habitual thought patterns and beliefs create the separate entity we call “ego”. This clarity may be established in our minds, but it may not have reached down to touch the irrational layers of our sensations and feelings. These layers may subtly boycott the clarity of our minds and continue to shape our understanding of ourselves as separate entities. Old patterns of feelings and body habits often draw us back into the “ego” despite the fact that we have seen their illusionary nature quite clearly during meditations.

Krishnamurti often spoke of the need for clarity of awareness in lived situations as they occur. This requires an open unbiased mind and body, not only when we are resting in seated meditation, but also when we are moving and engaging in the world.

How are we to make the transition from the insights on the meditation cushions to the fact that we are undivided, unlimited awareness in our actual lives?
One of the ways in which this transition can be affected is a combination of meditation and slow Yoga movements in which we discover through sensing, tactile exploration and breathing that we are pure openness in all of our being. As we allow felt beliefs of separation to appear, we draw out the habitual ways of feeling and acting that underscore our illusion of separation. We then find that the true nature of our body is pure openness. We thus begin to gradually embody the openness we previously understood in our minds. This embodiment gives us a deeper understanding of clarity and awareness not only on the meditation cushion but also as we engage in the movements, interactions and daily activities of our normal lives.

In this workshop we will use some preparatory Yoga sequences that come from the Yoga Krishnamurti himself practiced. We will then use quotes from Krishnamurti and some of his inquiries and will engage in extended sessions of very slow movements that allow us to sense those layers of thoughts, body habits and feelings that prevent us from being the openness that we actually are.