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Breathe your way to better performance

Develop an in-depth understanding of how you breathe and how it can affect your performance - either in sport, at work or day to day life. Good breathing is essential for well-being and can help calm us in nervous situations or when we struggle to sleep. This 3 hour workshop uses breathing exercises in both dynamic and static yoga postures.



10 Park Row, Bristol Bristol, GB BS1 5UH

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  • Workshop

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Nov 2
07:00 amto10:00 am

Yoga Space, Park Row in Bristol. All equipment is provided plus hot and cold refreshments



£26 concessions

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We think more about food than we do breathing even though we can last only a few minutes without breathing. Breathing is not only essential, it is directly linked to our ability to relax and focus the mind. Where the breath goes the mind follows, so by controlling the breath we can tame an unruly mind - what an attractive prospect!

During this relaxed 3-hour workshop we’ll look at breath in the flow of asana sequences (such as sun salutation), as well as seated and lying exercises to expand, lengthen and also explore the pauses between each breath. It’s in the pause between breaths that you can learn to experience a still mind.

We'll explore how we breathe when active and passive, and practice a range of simple breathing techniques, known as pranayama, that help to energise, balance and calm the body and reduce mental chatter.

When used regularly, deep yoga breathing can boost your performance in sport and on other nerve-wracking occasions such as presentations, speeches and interviews.

You’ll be encouraged and supported to reflect on sensations and feelings that arise from each of the exercises. Handouts on the techniques will be available to take home, including a short home practice suggestion. All equipment is available at the studio and refreshments will be provided mid-afternoon. Everyone is welcome including complete beginners. Please wear comfortable clothes to allow you to sit and move comfortably. Cross-legged sitting is not essential.