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Breathe Your Way to Mindfulness - weekend workshop

Join Flo Fenton on a weekend exploration of different breathing techniques, as well as breath and movement practices, that will deepen your connection to the now.


1, Pinedale Road, Brisbane Cashmere, AU 4500

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  • Workshop

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Sep 3 to
Sep 4
09:30 amto15:30 pm

September 3-4 2016

TIMES: 10am-4pm Saturday, 9.30am – 3.30pm Sunday

LOCATION: 1 Pinedale Road Cashmere




1 DAY-$140.00-includes lunch
2 DAYS-$250.00-includes lunch

Full Description

he importance of the role of the breath, and the ability to ‘breathe well’ is completely overlooked by most mainstream, and alternative health practitioners! Imagine hearing as much about, reading as much about, thinking, talking, and planning as much around our breath, as we do around what we eat!

However the benefits of good breathing are profound. Not only does good breathing have the simple physiological benefit of oxygenating and detoxifying our system more efficiently, but the style and quality of our breath also affects our mental and emotional state, and can create changes to our physiology.

New beginners to yoga typically have a short, shallow breathing capacity, with little conscious control. Regular yoga practitioners tend to have a longer, deeper breath capacity, and have conscious control.

When we are able to gain conscious control over our breath, we can then combine breath and movement. This increases the benefit that we could get from simply breathing without movement, or from movement without conscious breath, both physically and mentally. Maintaining awareness of, and conscious control over our breath builds a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind, deepening our connection to the present moment, to what is right our practice becomes one of increased mindfulness-just being with what is, and OK with that.