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Buddha Nature & Natural Health Yoga" Workshop Series

Connecting to one's Buddha Nature or Pure Self is at the heart of a holistic Yoga practice. Skillful and insightful application of Yogic techniques, and a knowledgeable understanding of Natural Health, brings balance to body, mind and spirit.


2520 # 11 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe CA, US 96150

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Jul 27 to
Oct 26
11:00 amto14:30 pm

Saturday July 27th 11:00-2:30pm
Saturday August 10th 11:00-2:30pm
Saturday September 7th 11:00-2:30pm
Saturday October 26th 11:00-2:30pm

$35 pp for one workshop or $125 for all 4 workshops



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Connecting to one's Buddha Nature or Pure Self is at the heart of a holistic Yoga practice. Skillful and insightful application of Yogic techniques, and a knowledgeable understanding of Natural Health, brings balance to body, mind and spirit.

The Workshop Series shows us how easy it may be to in touch with Conscious Awareness. Happiness and health is a practical necessity for vitality and self development, and the much touted benefits of Yoga. Feeling lighter and happier has as much to do with diet and exercise as meditation. Less anxiety and stress improves digestion, quality sleep, fitness levels, confidence and concentration and motivated.

This trans-formative skills and insight training is suitable for beginner level to yoga teachers.

Hosted by Candace Kentridge-Britton at the Collective Studio (next door to Yoga Om), with guest teacher Johann Kotze, on a large monitor screen, streamed live via interactive webcast from Cape Town, South Africa.

Space is limited, bookings are essential.
Please email Candace: /> Text: 346-328-5834
Cost: $35 per workshop or $125

ॐ Dates, topics and about the facilitators

Saturdays 11:00-2:30pm. Although the series thematically explores the Buddha Nature and Health theme, any workshop may be attended as a once-off.

1. Unpacking Buddha Nature & Natural Health - Holistic, Natural Yogic Living. Breath Activation for Buddha Nature Awareness
July 27th

Our happiest, healthiest, loving self is our Buddha Nature. This our true nature or potential. We train our experience and awakening of the inner Buddha being as Pure Awareness, using yogic Breath Activation.

Natural Health with holistic living helps create the conditions for Natural Health. Natural health occurs naturally when the body is in equilibrium with the mind, emotions and daily life. We simply have to become aware of this awareness, and consistently eat include healthy foods in our diet, move and breathe moderately, to live healthier, more fulfilled and happier lives.

Ordinary living, samsara, in yoga, or in popular culture “the matrix”, with associated behavioral patterns, overrides True Self. The real world is real, it is not an illusion, but it deludes us into believing that the only reality is the one of the matrix.

Yoga practice and a healthy diet helps the body-mind to transcend the natural limitation and societies constructs (imposed limitation) of unconscious living. This is the basis of Nature VS Nurture, where super-nature, or conscious nature, is more powerful than the unaware, unconscious being of our time, or any time.

2. Three Gunas to Live Effectively With Our Energy Constitutions and Energy Balance To Be In The Zone & Flow In Life

A balance of activities & relaxedness is possible. Our bodminds are equipped with the ability to work, let go, live and play, without self-destruction. It is up to us to learn to sustain equilibrium of doing and non-doing, for effective, sustainable fitness, peak performance, happiness, weight management, and so on. We grow insights into natural health and yoga practices to shape natural living and lifestyle.

In the zone with the three gunas. We may understand health, success and failure, and the fabled unlimited potential of yoga by the wisdom of the three gunas of yoga, sattva, tamas and rajas. This cornerstone of Yoga, Vedas and Ayurveda provides huge knowledge of the universe, and our lives. The greater aspect of time, space and matter, and its implication on the bodymind, and natural planetary life
also shows, simplistically, how to be in the flow. All local life is subject to local life force, and the greater Universal Forces, Prana. When these dynamics are in harmony we are in the zone.

3. The BodyMind & Chakras Personal Healing for access to the Universal Energy Source
7 September

A practical and esoteric introduction to understand and enhance the energy uptake and distribution of Life Force. What & Who We Are, as human beings, part esoteric, past everyday living. Learn the simple but advance chakra mantra, and add mudra and the power of frequency of thoughts, to learn about, for example, the law of attraction

4. Bliss - Happiness - Love - Yoga as Union to connect into BN and leads to NH - Paradise Regained with Patanjali, in Love, of Bliss
26 October

We need techniques for personal healing. Buddha Nature and Natural Health wisdom helps us be productive and relaxed, and along the way shows us how to know ourselves, and be happy.

ॐ Johann and Candace, the facilitators

Johann received extensive training in the Sivananda Yoga lineage, and has a strong remedial basis. His courses are simple and holistic Hatha Yoga, with a unique, wide ranging, lifelong interest in varied spiritual traditions and modern human potential and self development. Johann has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1990, he has traveled to India, where he studied with authentic Yoga Instructors. His knowledge in this space and love for yoga is inspirational.

Candace directly experienced the benefits of Restorative Hatha Yoga when she improved her own practice, gained strength, healed injuries and discovered a calmness and clarity when she took her teacher training. She loves to share her knowledge of well-being in her classes, and share her own mindfulness practice with others. Candace is also a lifestyle coach, and extremely passionate about natural health and how changing lifestyle and eating can truly change one's life. After completing her 200 hour Yoga teacher training with Johann, at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town, she emigrating back the United States where she was born. Candace also has an extensive dance and fitness background, which allows her to adapt her experience of working with group classes, and on stage, to private sessions. Over 15 years of observing clients for accurate movement and focus to ensure correct technique meant that she could start teaching Yoga with ease. Her focus is on restorative Yoga, and Hatha based flow classes.

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