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Buyteko Breath Workshop

Through Buteyko Breath Training, you will learn how to: normalise your breathing thereby improving your health on all levels physical, mental and emotional. You will understand how it affects stamina, sleep, appetite and appreciate the relationship between mind & breath.


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Aug 27 to
Aug 28
13:00 pmto13:00 pm

Saturday 27th August 1pm - 4pm
Sunday 28th August 1pm - 4pm

Another workshop will be held:
Saturday 3rd December
Sunday 4th December



Full Description

Yogis believe that the life span of a man is measured not in years but in number of breaths. By breathing rapidly one is exhausting one’s life span. If a person is economical with their breath, they will live long & have greater vitality!

It is a well known fact that breathing reduction slows down and sometimes even reverses aging! Contrary to what most people believe - breathing less boosts oxygenation of skin and other organs; it helps the whole body function in a healthier and more efficient way.

One's stamina too is affected by the way one breathes. Those who have low stamina, fatigued easily are often over breathers or hyper ventilators. We often see this during Yoga classes when students either open their mouths while practicing asanas, hold their breath, gasp for air or breath heavy & rapidly. All of these will lead to a disturbed nervous system & a depletion of energy/prana or life force.

One who breaths rapidly is bound to have an agitated, disturbed state of mind. The lightness that one should feel while practicing Yoga & the meditative state of mind can only occur when one breathes less. In fact all of Yoga is about mastering the breath & about breathing less, contrary to what most people believe.

The effects of the Buteyko course on a student:
• Improved skin complexion including some signs of improvements to a life long skin condition
Increased energy: I now sleep 5 to 6 hours a night as compared to my previous 8 to 9 hours.
• Increased clarity: I can more readily distinguish between what really matters and what doesn’t. With my increased energy I actually have more time to pursue the things that really matter!
• Increased patience and tolerance: My parents also commented that I am calmer and more pleasant to be around.
• Improved digestive function – I now realize my routine stomach aches of the past were not ‘normal’
• Those into Yoga will find significant benefits to their Pranayama practice and an enhanced understanding of the purpose of Peter C