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Certified course Tibetan Singing Bowls: Sound Healing & Vibroacoustic Massa

Certified course Tibetan Singing Bowls: Sound Healing and Vibroacoustic Massage (Nada Yoga, Nada Massage) with Dr Viktor Oguy, certification by Vibroacoustic Therapy Association


Mar 11 to
Mar 12
11:00 amto18:00 pm

2 days Course, 10am-5pm each day, theory and practice



Full Description

Detailed description of the Course:

Unique vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls is an ancient science of healing, which came to us from the “Roof of the World”, Tibet.
The Masters were passing the knowledge of working with Tibetan bowls to each other strictly face to face, and the sacred bowls – hands to hands, through times and generations.
At the moment there are very few places left where these ritual mystic bowls are created, those bowls, which can heal the soul and the body. There are also very few alive Masters who have been carrying this unique knowledge through ages with aim of sharing the skills with us, giving possibility to touch upon the sacred power of singing bowls.

Vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls - a manual technique performed using Tibetan singing bowls, by contact or contactless methods*

*Contact method –technique of vibro-massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls in contact with the body of the patient, vibration is created by hitting the bowl or by friction (the hit is performed mainly with a rubber stick, and friction with a large round wooden stick, covered with suede fabric).
For example, the patient is lying on his stomach and the singing bowl(s) are placed directly on his back, and the Master extracts the sound by hitting the bowl with the stick. The sound in this case is secondary to the therapeutic practice, and the primary is the physical (mechanical) vibrations of the bowl’s sides and bottom impacting the body and organs of the patient. Mechanical vibrations of the walls and bottom of the bowl produce an effect similar to receiving instantaneous vibration in classic massage, and, depending on the bowl location, time, frequency and duration of vibroacoustic massage, they produce a sedative or stimulating effect of the CNS and PNS, affecting vascular tone and blood capillaries and lymphatic systems, as well as have an impact on the muscular
Also, the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls may be used as a diagnostic criteria for the health state of the patient as a whole and also of his tissues, organs and body systems.

Non-contact method of Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls, so-called "sound bath" is when Tibetan singing bowls are put in a certain way around the body of a person lying on the floor/massage couch, and the master extracts the sound from the bowls with the sticks by hitting or friction method. Thus, the patient is embraced in the field of the sound and vibration generated by Tibetan Singing Bowls’ walls.

"Vibroacoustic Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls" is based and structured on the scientific validity of the method of vibroacoustic massage, designed according to human anatomy and physiology, the interconnection and synergy of classical massage with vibroacoustic massage. For contact method of massage you will require just one singing bowl.

Dr Viktor Oguy also teaches another course “Vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls – health practices of the Himalayas” on March 18-19, which will be focused mainly on human subtle anatomy (the chakra system and body channels). For this practices traditionally you will need a set of seven singing bowls.

The author of the course
The author of the course is Dr Viktor Oguy. He has developed the course after long years of studying with the Masters of singing bowls in Nepal, Tibet, India, Northern Himalayas (Ladakh) and Japan, with Masters who over the years have been producing and collecting unique bows and used them in meditation and traditional healing.
Dr Viktor Oguy. Master of Sound and Tibetan singing bowls, a personal student of Lama Pema Rangdrol, Dr Nida Changtsang of Tibetan medicine.
Viktor is a doctor, researcher and organiser of expeditions to Tibet (Kailash-Mansarovar Guge), Ladakh (Little Tibet), the Himalayas (Nepal Annapurna, Milarepa’s Cave), Japan, Khakassia (natural complex “Chests”, “Trail of the Ancestors” Lake Bele and Tus, Caves of Kushkulakskaya (Pandora’s Box).
Master of Massage, Healer, Master of Traditional Reiki, Master and Teacher at the International Festival “Call 13 shamans” in Tuva, an honorary member of the Russian League of Therapists, as well as the member of the Associations: Russian Association of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Patients and Disabled, the National Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Russian Professional Medical Association of Specialists of Traditional and Folk medicine (RANMA), author of numerous books and textbooks on Massage.

The course is certified by the Vibroacoustic Therapy Association, UK.

Why this course?
The principal advantage of tradition Tsering Ngodrub from other traditions, practices and methods of vibroacoustic massage:
✨ You need just 1 (one!!!) Tibetan Singing Bowl for qualified practice of vibroacoustic massage for relaxation and well-beeing of the patient, and even the prevention and treatment of pathological conditions.
✨ You don’t need to buy a lot of bowls, ie the absence of significant initial financial investment
✨ In our tradition Tibetan singing bowl is considered as unique healing object, and not as purely musical instrument or mysterious esoteric or magical item of Power
✨ In our tradition there will be additional seminars, practices and application of massage with Tibetan singing bowls on basis of esoteric or magical side (shamanism, Bon-po, nada yoga) – for example, on March 18-19 there will be course dedicated to Himalayan Practices with Tibetan singing bowls – all around subtle energy body, chakras, etc.
✨ We organise and hold regular expeditions to places of power and interact directly with the masters of tradition (Dr Oguy organises trips to Tibet, Nepal and India, to the source, few times a year, to learn from the bowls’ masters themselves)
✨ Our graduates regularly practice with Tibetan singing bowls, both for themselves and for the patients, we hold regular get together to share the practice and case-studies. There are now over 200 graduates on all continents.
✨ We interact directly with the Masters, which produce Tibetan singing bowls by traditional way (hand-hammered) and offer the bowls for practice of the highest quality (FYI: few well-known European shops of the bowls do not offer in fact hand-hammered but machine-made bowls which directly impact on the qualities of the bowl)
✨ We provide educational courses of high quality certified by Vibroacoustic Therapy Association, which provide necessary skills to start your practice of vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls immediately after its completion
✨ We do not limit the practice to using of only the bowls of our advisable masters, as some European schools demand. We explain fully how to choose the bowl for the best results in practice, so you could find your bowl independently if required.

For Whom is this Course?
o For all who is interested in self-development
o For those searching for inner balance
o For practicing psychologists and interested in psychology
o For those interested in music and sound
o For those aiming to heal themselves or their family
o For yoga and meditation practitioners and teachers
o For those willing to experience harmony
o For body therapists
o For massage-therapists and healers
o For Spas willing to integrate vibroacousic massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls
o For those willing to choose the best for him/her Tibetan singing bowl for personal practice

You can also ask for bestselling book of Viktor Oguy “Tibetan Healing Bowls: the natural way of healing” with autograph and personal wishes ISBN: 978-5-906565-08-2, М.: 2015

Uniqueness of this Course:
o Master studied and got initiations from Masters of Tradition of Tibetan Sound Massage (in Nepal, India, Tibet and Ladakh)
o Master has collosal practical expeirence in leading Sound Massage, as he practices these techniques every day.
o Master regularly travels in Places of Power and studies with the Masters of Tradition
o Master has classic medical education, and has been practicing various techniques of massage for 20 years, as well as worked for 9 years as a massager at the hospital & spas
o Master regularly integrates Sound Massage sessions with Tibetan Singing Bowls in traditional massage, and has successful stories of using the Vibroacoustic massage to heal various diseases of the patients .
o Master provides detailed information on the course on human physiology and anatomy of the person, and also subtile anatomy and energetical bodies
o Master integrated several healing techniques (Reiki, Men-Cho Reiki, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Yutok Ningting) in Traditional methods of Sound Massage with Tibetan Healing Bowls. He also adapted several traditional skills and knowledge of Sound Masters to contemporary life.
o On this course the systemised and detailed methodology of working with Tibetan Singing Bowls will be given for self-practice, as well as the intuitive skills will be developed. You will be able to use Tibetan Bowls straight after the course in practice.
o Master shares his own experience. He passes on the unique knowledge which he obtained with his regular practice with Tibetan Singing Bowls.
o You don’t need extrasensory capabilities or musical hearing – the methods, given by Master, will be effective as they are, of course, if you practice regularly.
o Master has pedagogical education and long experience, teaching classic Russian massage and banya art (since 1999). This course has been taught to almost 200 persons, in Europe, the UK, Americas, Canada, Russia.
o Location: no need to put additional investment for travelling to another country to learn vibroacoustic massage

The advantage of healing and vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls:

o No direct tactile contact with the patient
o Massage is done with patient being in clothes
o No need for esoteric or extra-sensorial capabilities
o Bowls can be easily transported
o Minimal contraindications
o Can be practiced without medical or music education
o Impacts the specialist’s self-development
o Creates goodness, harmony for the specialist and the patient
o No aspect of using personal energy – just the sound and vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls work for good both for the patient and the specialist

The programme of the course
2 days 16 hours

1. Introduction
1.1. Course content and methodology
1.2. The history of the emergence and the development of the Tibetan singing bowls vibroacoustic massage
1.3. The role of the Tibetan singing bowls in a person's life today
1.4. Scientific studies of the effect of Tibetan singing bowls on the human body
1.5. Tibetan tradition, as the foundation direction in vibroacoustic massage with singing bowls
1.6. Vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls in the tradition Tsering Ngodrub: description of the method
1.7. Financial and economic justification of the method
1.8. The perspective and relevance of vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls

2. Anatomical physiological rationale and mechanism of action of Tibetan vibroacoustic massage on the human body
3. Types of Singing Bowls and sticks
4. Requirements to massage space and necessary inventory
5. Mastering the vibroacoustic massage with the singing bowls: techniques: methodological peculiarities, avoiding errors
6. The algorithm of vibroacoustic massage session.
7. Methods of massage: the diagrams
8. Guidelines on creation of the patient’s course of massage, cycle, number of sessions, procedures. Indications and contraindications. Diagnostics.
9. Recommendations on usage of the method for health prophylactics
10. Self-massage.

After two days of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion, certified by Course Director and the Vibroacoustic Therapy Association, the participant training manual and DVD-disk with training materials for this workshop.

You will learn:
✨ The story of singing bowls
What types of bowls exist, their peculiarities and differences
✨ How you can see the difference between good healing bowl and usual bowl
✨ How and for what you can use the bowls
✨ The way the bowls impact our body, mind and soul
✨ How to choose the bowl for yourself, for meditation, healing and massage
✨ Contact method of vibroacoustic massage
✨ Other methods of vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls
✨ How to bring harmony to the psycho-emotional state
✨ Case-studies from Master’s practice
✨ About preventive, health prophylactics capabilities of Tibetan singing bowls

You will:
✨ Feel the impact of the bowls on yourself and other group participants and share the experience
✨ Practice vibroacoustic massage with singing bowl
✨ Obtain necessary knowledge and skills to perform vibroacoustic massage and meditation with the bowls
✨ Have understanding how to select and purchase suitable bowl for your individual practice
✨ Harmonise your psycho-emotional state of mind
✨ Know how to help yourself and others by using Tibetan singing bowls
✨ Receive vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls few times during the course while practicing

For the Course you need to have:
✨ Notepad and pen
✨ Comfortable, not synthetic clothes, without metal or buttons, warm socks
✨ Blanket, pillow for meditation (yoga mats will be provided)
✨ If you already have the bowl, please, bring it with you
✨ 3 photos 3х4 or passport photos for the certificate

You can book your place via the link below or contact Lola Lhamo by or 07757093532

The course lasts 2 days, approximate time 10am-6pm each day with 1h lunch break / free time, though we usually stay longer for Ayurvedic tea and discussion.

The course will take place at private Lola Lhamo Healing Yoga & Sound studio at SE8 3JP, Cutty Sark DLR, Greenwich, with wonderful views over the Thames.

Total cost is 200£ including all materials and certificate of completion, payment by installments is possible.
If you participate in 2 courses (the Himalayan Practices with Tibetan Singing Bowls focused on subtle body and sound massage – non-contact method will be on the weekend of 18-19 March) – 10% discount for the second course will be provided

Link for booking: