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Chakra Balancing Series

The Chakra Balancing Workshop is a 7 part series that will be held once a month for 7 months. Each workshop is an in depth exploration into the physical spiritual and philosophical aspects of the specific chakra we are working on. This will be an incredible journey through the senses, helping us to balance our energy and access the best part of ourselves.


Nature's Whisper Yoga
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4205 Park Blvd., San Diego CA, US 92103

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Feb 21 to
Aug 29
07:00 amto09:00 am

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Each workshop is $45. If you sign up for all 7 workshops at once, you will get a discount of $10 off per workshop for a total savings of $70.

Full Description

1. Muladhara Chakra: (Root Chakra)
The Root Chakra is the foundation for all other chakras, the foundation we stand upon. Tending to our basic survival needs and a sense of security, this workshop will get us in touch with our roots, Mother Earth, and focus on grounding and balance. Weather permitting, we will practice outside in the Gardens. Wear the color red to class!

2. Svadisthana Chakra: (Sacral Chakra)
The second chakra, the Sacral Chakra is associated with our creative energy, emotions and letting go. Get ready to channel your artistic side, shake your hips and learn some new dance moves in this fun dynamic practice! Wear the color orange to class.

3. Manipura Chakra: (Solar Plexus Chakra)
The Solar Plexus is the fire chakra, dealing with self confidence and personal power. We will build our inner fire and harness our personal power in this high energy workshop. Wear yellow and bring a list of personal goals to class.

4. Anahata Chakra: (Heart Chakra)
A personal favorite, the 4th chakra is all about love and compassion. This class includes lots of heart opening backbends so we can allow in. Wear green and don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve in class!

5. Visuddha Chakra: (Throat Chakra)
The Throat Chakra is about communication, self expression and speaking your truth. This class will help balance things said and unsaid with throat opening postures and music. Wear the color blue to class.

6. Anja Chakra: (Third Eye Chakra)
This month, we will focus on looking inward. The practice will be mellow but performed in a very unique way. Wear the color purple to class.

7. Sahasrara Chakra: ( Crown Chakra)
The final chakra and the last workshop of the series, the Crown Chakra is a culmination of all the others. In this class, we will revisit all the chakras and enjoy a deeply meditative practice. Wear white to class.