Chakra Yoga Teachers Training

This 31 Day immersion is a mix of nature, nurture and so much more, where you are given the opportunity to go deeper, learn about the many facets of yoga, from the ground up.


May 7 to
Jun 6
16:00 pmto13:00 pm

31 Day Yoga Immersion Training 6 days a week training, with Sundays off. Come a day or 2 early to settle in, free of charge.



Full Description

The course is broken down into Chakra levels, beginning with grounding Hatha yoga principles and anatomy, and moving towards the more subtle and unseen universal energies.

The course covers anatomy, physiology, Mantra, pranayama, physical practice, ceremonies and so much more for a high quality all rounded training.

Here are some

A month that I’ll never forget.
Simmi’s YTT course was incredible. The month was jam packed and everyday was something different. We were able to immense ourselves completely into the yogic lifestyle during the month and umzumbe was just the perfect place, beautiful environment and community that welcomed us all in. Simmi went above and beyond pouring out all her knowledge and brought in other teaches and speakers for more variety. The chakra yoga teacher training is a great foundation and I left the training seeing the world through different eyes more awareness, gratitude and love and will continue to grow on my yoga journey.
Thank you so much - Bianca Haw, Glencairns Retreats & Awaken Yoga Festival

During the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Simmi was an amazing teacher delivering to us the most real, inspiring and educational training possible. The course was well organized and Simmi went beyond what was expected. She introduced us to a welcoming community at the sanctuary of love (a cute church down the road) and invited us to listen to inspirational speakers/ gurus. This helped gain an all round and holistic experience of yoga. We practiced various breathing/pranayama techniques as well as went through all the yoga poses/ asanas. The course also focused a lot on the spiritual aspect of yoga. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves yoga, is interested in the yoga philosophy and wants to incorporate yoga into their everyday life. I left this course with a new mind set and appreciation for life itself. Thank you Simmi for this amazing experience! - Jordan Peek

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