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Clear Your Chakras: with Sound!

My unique, signature Chakra Clearing workshop; with my virtuoso violinist from Italy.



486 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ US

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  • Community Event

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Apr 7
13:00 pmto15:00 pm



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What is "energy work" and why do we need it?
You are more than just your body, you are not just flesh and bones. You are more than your brain and your mind, you are more than a bunch of ideas and thoughts. Knowing this, then, helps us understand that in order to be truly whole, we must tend to the entirety of what we are. We know energy is real: we have all walked into a room where you can “cut then tension like a knife”; that isn’t the quality of the air, it’s the feeling of the collective energy of the room, (or in some cases the takeover of one person’s dominant energy). When we work on clearing and clarifying our own energy, we are better able to withstand the effect of others’ negativity on ourselves. We are more in touch with our feelings, and know ourselves better, so we make better decisions, are more effective in our relationships, more productive in our work. It’s not “woo-woo” at all, it is practical and functional, and contributes to our total health. This is why we do energy work: when we are clear, we feel better, do better, and are whole, in a more complete way. Clearing the chakras (energy centers in the body) is an integral part of this total wellness; when done regularly we are healthier and are less stressed. Using sound to clear them is not only powerful, it is just plain beautiful. Join me and my Italian Violinist to learn more about it, and experience it for yourself.