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Connect to and Strengthen Your Core

Connect to and Strengthen your core to find more ease and stability in your yoga postures and in daily life.


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102Westferry Studios, London London, GB E14 8AS

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Aug 18
15:15 pmto17:15 pm



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A strong core is an essential part of a healthy body, and keeps our back free from strain and injury. In our yoga practice, along with creating more suppleness and flexibility in our body, we need to build a deep inner strength to support and balance the flexibility.

Pulling your energy into the centre of the body requires not just physical strength but also powerful mental discipline. The core is the literal and symbolic centre of power.

This inner strength helps to protect our lower backs, both during yoga practice and in our daily life, and to develop and maintain good alignment in our posture. With a strong core we can sit better, stand more comfortably and walk with more ease. Connecting to our core allows us to find more steadiness and ease in our standing and balancing poses, as well as making hand balances and headstands more accessible. A strong core will also protect your back as you move through your vinyasa practice.

A weak core can lead to back ache and injuries as we over-use our back muscles, and fail to move from our core.

In this workshop we will identify how to connect with our core, look at how the breath and bandhas help to support the core and practice many different ways to develop this inner strength. Lastly, will also explore the importance and use of this inner strength in different postures.

This is not a workshop to help you get a six-pack, but rather to work with the deeper layers of the abdominal area, and the muscles of the inner pelvis, where the true core lies.

Be prepared to work hard and also have fun!

This workshop is suitable for all levels apart from complete beginners. It is also a very valuable workshop for new mothers as long as they are at least 6 months postpartum.