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Contemplative Yoga

This week is geared to empower 200 hr Yoga Teachers to guide contemplative practices that can guide the practitioner to the doorway of training includes 2 hours of mentoring.

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$350Contemplative Yoga  
20 Hours of Contemplative Yoga training including 2 hours of mentoring.
12001 Sunrise Valley DR, Reston VA, US 20191
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  • Teacher Training


Feb 10 to
Feb 12
10:00 amto17:00 pm

February 10-12th/ 10am-5pm (20 hours)/ Beloved Yoga



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This unique weekend immersion will expose the practitioner of Yoga to essential texts and concepts in the
philosophy of Yoga. The main tool of application will be the subtle practices of breath work and contemplation.
Jafar and Maryam have co-authored a book that will be a part of this program, “Essential Yogic Concepts
for Teachers." We will go through the philosophical references of the concepts, offer interpretations/perspec- tives- offering a literal translation from Sanskrit, a clear explanation as well as a poetic interpretation. Terms to
be explored are: Abhyasa, Asmita/Ahamkara, Atha, Avidya, Bhavana, Bud- dhi/Buddha, Citta, Dukha/Sukha, Manas, Prakriti, Prasanta Vahita, Purusha,
Sutra, Tantra, Upanishad, Vairagya, Veda,Viveka, Vritti
BelovedYoga believes that meditation can not be lead. Meditation is a unique individual experience that is wordless and spacious. The dharana (concentration) practices proceeding the limb of dhyana (meditation) are essential for all practitioners to understand.
This week is geared to empower 200 hr Yoga Teachers to guide contempla- tive practices that can guide the practitioner to the doorway of meditation.
With BelovedYoga's focus on safety and accessibility, we feel there is an intelligent way to enter into ourselves; not forcing the mind or body to "Shut Down" instead inviting ourselves to "Soften In". The tools of thoughtful concentration, steady and stable breath work and stability of the body all are important on the path of Yoga. The 8 limb path is embraced and acknowledged as codified in the
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Maryam and Jafar will share the method of Contemplative Yoga that they have created at BelovedYoga. This training includes 2 hours of mentoring. Our desire for you is that upon completion of this program, the mentoring and a final reflection paper, you will be able to teach Contemplative Yoga.