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Core, Cobra & hamstrings Workshop

Here are the details of my next yoga workshop in West Ealing:

Stronger stomach muscles
Builds strength and flexibility in the spine
Relief of lower back pain
Reduces chances of injury
Tones torso, arms and shoulders
Preventative for people who are prone to back problems



2, St James Avenue, London West Ealing, GB W13 9DJ

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



May 8
13:00 pmto15:00 pm

Sunday 8th May



£25 If paid before April 24th, £30 thereafter.

Full Description

Lets strengthen those abdominals first!

After warming up, we'll be doing a series of exercises for your stomach muscles as well as stability postures for your back. In order for your back to get stronger, you need to first concentrate on doing stomach exercises, this will naturally result in supporting your back and making your spine more neutral as you'll be tightening the stomach during sit-ups, whilst lengthening the spine. I'll be giving modifications where possible and more challenging variations for those who prefer to take it up a notch.


This is one of those postures which takes a while to nail, regardless of how many classes you've attended. In my classes, I've noticed so many people making the cobra unnecessarily difficult for themselves. I'll be breaking down the posture and teaching the technique stage by stage and adding some arm strengthening exercises to make it more manageable for those who'd like to go from doing the modified version. For those who feel ready, I'll also be working on chatterangha.

Hamstrings tight?

The tighter your hamstrings, the more this will have an effect on your lower back and visa versa. If you suffer from a tight lower back, this will also shorten your hamstrings as it has a pulling affect on the back of the body. most forward beds ran'r about touching your toes, that's not what yoga is. It's more about what your learn on the way down there!

What to bring:
Water and a yoga mat too ( I have spares )

Please note, workshops are the perfect environment to ask questions and explore with a gathering of like minded people.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations!