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Creativity, Expressivity and Yoga

Yoga is often thought of as a discipline to help us find ease in the body, quiet the mind, and get in touch with our divine nature. However, Yoga can also be a way of helping us tap—and mine—our true creative selves. Meditation and yoga grant us access to the deep places of our psyche and consciousness that inspire creative ideas to emerge, while simultaneously offering us tools to work with some of our biggest obstacles as creative and expressive individuals. No matter what kind of creative an


Jul 17 to
Jul 31
12:00 pmto14:00 pm

Creativity, Expressivity and Yoga: Tap—and Mine— Your True Potential Workshops

with Giuseppe Rosato

Thursdays at 7:00-9:00pm

July 17: Experimenting with Creativity, Expressivity,and Yoga
July 24: Experiencing Creativity, Expressivity, and Yoga
July 31: Expressing Creativity, Expressivity, and Yoga



35 CAD each workshop.

Full Description

Exploring: Create New Opportunities by Challenging Your Fears, Judgments and Reactions.
Experimenting: Letting Go of Control by Being Present with Uncertainty.
Experiencing: Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
Expressing: At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I express fully? Did I express well?

Learning Objectives:

The learning objectives of the workshops are various but to give a synthesis the intent is to allow people to explore, experiment, experience and express the spectrum of consciousness that is preoccupied with  Body-Mind life, or in other words the entire range of Body-Mind possibilities to process inner-outer human life. In yogic terms we will be working with the first five chakras and leave out the 6th chakra, which I call the Expanding Stage. Synthesizing even more I am interested with the human dimension (; physical, emotional, mental-personalities) and not as much as the the spiritual or transcendental dimension (the ultimate goal of yoga).

Expected experiences:

I expect people to experience their authentic self-personality, or their personality dimensions ( : life values, at work, in relationship, in Communication, In conflict) or personal traits through familiarizing themselves with the four EXP (exploring, experimenting and etc).

Modalities used:  

Classic ( we will explore the first limbs of yoga such as yamas, nyamas, pranayamas asanas and pratayhara, ) and kundalini ( chakras work; breath-work; creative and expressive movements ). YOGA PSYCHOLOGY will be the axis modality but the workshops are experiential for its majorities (let’s say applied psychology) so somato-psychic and psychosomatic experience will intermingle in each workshop.

Means of expressing: Body and Mind with breath-prana always as a bridge. So people will be using their physical bodies with asanas that are explored, experimented, experiences and expressed in creative and expressive manners while also mentally working with the four Exp. In other words integrating body-mind creative work in creative and expressive ways through yoga. There will be a lot of imaginative work or guided imaginary where clients will be guided but not manipulated in creating their own story-lines in their journeys of healing, transformation, growth, development or other psycho-somatic life. 

I will attempt to offer safe and non judgmental framework or cointainer for people to work with their physical, emotional, mental, social (and spiritual dimension as this cannot be completely left out). Allowing each person to be able to formulate their own goals or mission and create their own VISION-BOARDS. 

asking for specifics about what they will be doing, how, and why. 

1) They will be doing 360 degree yoga: meditation, visualization, asanas, pranayamas and so on in the most creative, expressive and safe framework. They will also be allowed time to time to delineate their own playground, plays and playing-mate. For example choosing their own asanas series, or pair to work with.

2) How: Creatively and expressively. Thus in ways that break the margins of classic yoga so to pour into Kundalini Yoga (By G. Rosato). Another way to visualize it could be to work with their known own personality while allowing for their unknown own personality to emerge.

3) and why: because they want move forward in their life: grow (explore, experiment, experience and explore) in YOGA through YOGA=Stirring and toward YOGA=UNION. Another metaphor that I like is that people are ready (to explore, experiment, experience and express) one or more of the hero’s thousand masks.  People will virtually be invited to let go and open, open and receive, receive and experience, experience and manifest by wearing one of the HERO’s MASKS. Which one? The one they will materialize. 

I hope that these short notes answers your questions and those of the clients. But again I can send you the outline of each workshop for your review if you think that can help. Please let me know and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other question or need extra informations.