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1. Ten days intensive study for those ready to explore what can be created with yoga technique.
2. Orthodox in its technical and philosophic rigour and experimental in the uses to which these are put.
3. Challenging, but appropriate for anyone who does a yoga practice.


41 Roundwood Road, London Middlesex, GB NW109TP

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Nov 18 to
Nov 29
10:00 amto16:00 pm

Monday through Friday



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November 18 - 29, 2019

Creative Application Of Yoga Technique

Tripsichore’s CREATORS COURSE will be held from 18 – 29 November, 2018. This two week course intends to address what Tripsichore thinks is a serious lack in the contemporary yoga scene. Over the last 40 years, we have witnessed a remarkable advancement in the physical skills of practitioners, yet these skills have little direct application outside the yoga studio. For instance, one doesn’t become skilful at forearm balances because one uses forearm balances in any activity in the “real” world. By way of analogy, it is like people doing ballet to a high standard or writing 5 act plays, but never considering that these things could ever be performed…not even being aware that there was such a thing as performance. This would not diminish the delight (and sometimes delightful frustration) in writing a play or doing a ballet class, but the actual resolution of all that work is never tested in a meaningful way…(and in another analogy) it is like singing in the shower…feels great to do, but why train intensively to do it?

One of the objects of this course is to look at the technical execution of difficult postures with an aim to understanding how to do them in a way that has artistic and philosophic meaning. We will examine what postures appear to express as well as what is expressed by the individual performing them. Various inversions and back bends will be analysed compositionally…looking at such things as line and symmetry and also for what meaning is conveyed by the different ways various people perform these postures. We will consider them from both a perspective of the shapes as artistic creations and as a form of personal expression.

We feel that in modern yoga there is an uncomfortable relationship between its physical practices and how these relate to its philosophies. The territory of this subject is vast and still largely unexplored . In the Creators Course, we will particularly study how comparatively advanced yoga relates to the questions of the philosophy of aesthetics. In the mid 18th century, the term “aesthetics” was derived (from the Greek word aesthesis - perception) and the term was created to refer to the science of sensory knowledge, but has come to be understood as the science of sensory beauty – the examination of taste.

Tripsichore has used the physical vocabulary of yoga to make yoga theatre since 1993. To create performance pieces using yoga, Tripsichore found it necessary to articulate more clearly the premises and techniques of what is loosely termed “Vinyasa”. This has ultimately led to a consideration of how and why the transitions between asanas occur and their relative importance to asanas. The conclusion, though seemingly obvious, was that the transitions are just as important – just as interesting, but in a different way – as the postures. While there has been a considerable dedication on the part of yoga, over many years, to understand the technique of posture, there has been limited articulation made of the technique for transitioning from posture to posture. This is not surprising as much of yoga has been informed by a leitmotif of “stillness” and this has included stillness of breath and mind as well as body.

(just a note here: we do feel that if you really want to learn Tripsichore technique, you need to do the Intensive. That is when we actually do the detailed breakdown of the technique. It is a very good and unique course that will significantly improve your practice and understanding of yoga…so good, in fact, that here we are giving it a plug in promotion for our other courses)

COST: £1000

REQUIREMENTS FOR SPECIALIST COURSE: There are no specific requirements for this course, but it is presumed that attendees will have some previous knowledge of Tripsichore

TIMES: 10:00 – 4:00 Monday through Friday

LOCATION: 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10 9TP, United Kingdom