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Crown Chakra - Yoga and Angel Meditations

Through yoga and meditation we will work to balance the energy in our crown chakras. When it's too open we can be too much in our head and not connected with our body and feelings. When it's blocked we can be spiritually skeptical and materialistic. When we connect with our crown chakras we are finally ready to connect to Divine Wisdom. We can be given visions and a much greater understanding of who and what we are. . It is through this chakra that we are able to connect with our Higher selves



Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts143718
4989 Boul des Sources, Pierrefonds QC, CA H8Y 3E3
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Apr 26
10:00 amto13:00 pm



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Alison Carol Blackburn, Angel Intuitive Counsellor, and Barbara Pearce, Yoga Instructor, offered a series of 8 classes. This is the 7th of the 8 classes and focuses on balancing the energy in the crown chakra. Each class can be taken as a separate entity - so if you've missed the previous classes you can still join the remaining class(es).

Each class starts with yoga that focuses on balancing the energy in a specific chakra. Carol's Angel Meditation correspond with the chakra being worked on. No yoga experience is necessary.

If you have ever been curious about the Angelic realm or wish to learn how to "talk" with Angels and to be able to hear their answers, this course could be the perfect match for you!

This course is designed to help it's participants balance the energy in their chakras and to deepen and enrich their communications/relationships with the Angels.

Carol will show the class how she is guided to work with the Archangels of the Diamond Matrix in conjunction with the chakra system.

Each Archangel has charge over one of the chakra's. They can help us to fully appreciate the energy and gifts of that chakra. The last class we will work on our connection with our Guardian Angels.

Working to deepen our awareness of the charka energy is an excellent tool for connecting with the Angels as well as an excellent tool for balancing our physical and emotional energies. The Angels will also connect with us through meditation, simple yoga exercises and other diverse ways!

During the course we will work with crystals, use positive affirmations and prayer as we learn how to connect with the Angels!

There will be handouts given at each class detailing the work we will be doing and giving a description of the Angel that we will be connecting with.

Each Angel and Archangel have their own very individual energy, grace and gifts. Each one would be delighted to deepen their friendship with you!