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Cultivating Abdominal Strength, Health and Awareness

This workshop will show how every yoga posture, every movement between them and every breath can be beneficial to abdominal health.


2a William Street, Kent Tunbridge Wells, GB TN4 9RS

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  • Workshop



Mar 28
14:00 pmto16:00 pm



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The abdominal organs love to be twisted, stretched, toned and relaxed- we will take them through all these motions. Healthy abdominal organs mean more efficient digestion, so we feel lighter, happier, and have more energy.

Visible abdominal tone (the 'six-pack') does not necessarily come from hundreds of tummy crunches and in fact a far deeper abdominal strength comes from postures and movements which incorporate the whole of the body with the breath; and it is this deeper strength which can be developed through the yoga postures.

This deeper strength will not only produce an outer tone to the tummy, but will also support the back and help prevent injuries, both in yoga and daily life.

Furthermore, this deeper strength will allow one to move fluidly through yoga postures and with lightness and grace throughout the rest of our daily lives.

Workshop price: £25

This 2 hour workshop will include a 10 minute break for participants to refresh. Herbal teas, a variety of coconut waters and snacks are available for purchase at the studio.

Please note all workshops have a 24 hour cancellation notice period. If you do not cancel within the required time, no refund will be given, unless the space can be filled by another participant.