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Cusco, Valle Sagrado, Perú

Lorena will take you on a once in a lifetime, not to be missed, journey to her homeland, Peru. You will experience firsthand this fascinating culture while discovering your highest potential.


Oct 16 to
Oct 24
18:00 pmto12:00 pm

All inclusive lifetime Experience
Lorena Saavedra Smith, ERYT will take you on a once in a lifetime, not to be missed, journey to her homeland, Peru. You will experience firsthand this fascinating culture while discovering your highest potential.
Seva and community service by supporting an orphanage for disable children.



Option 1:
All inclusive + International & Domestic Flights included. Starting on $3400.
Option 2:
All inclusive+ Domestic Fight (Lima to Cuzco) on $2625.
$750 deposit required.
Only 12 participants.
Payment Plans & 0% Financing are available thru third parties.

Full Description

Yoga and service (Seva) to social justice is a big topic in the western yoga world right now. This is a unique and exciting yoga adventure that will transform your life. Practice asana and meditation surrounded by the majestic energy of the "apus" spirit of sacred mountains. Discover the Peruvian culture and the healing power of the different shamanic lineages on andinas various ceremonies.

With active participation in Seva, we will create a chain with spiritual, mental, physical, social, environmental and sustainable healing by supporting an orphanage for disable children.

• Oct. 16
Begin the tour in Lima and adventure to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu to explore the ancient sites that have astounded explorers with their natural elegance and astronomically correct engineering and design. Set your sights on the horizon with multiple yoga and meditation classes and local tours that will thrill and delight you on an experience of Peru beyond the Andes.
Our first Stop is in Lima.
As the capital of Peru, this colorful and vibrant metropolis has an authentic personality and makes tourism in Lima a unique experience in the country. Surrounded by some of South America’s largest churches, monasteries, mansions, and balconies, Lima is recognized as a World Heritage Site.
We will stay in Miraflores, one of the most renowned districts for tourist attractions on the coast of Peru.
• Oct. 17
Wake up for an early morning flight to the Inca capital of Cusco, and step into Peru's rich historical past where the modern world meets ancient civilization. Enjoy an afternoon getting to know the other participants of the group with whom you share the Peruvian adventure. Take a small walk to the artsy, quaint pedestrian-only barrio of San Blas, north-east of Plaza de Armas, and visit the oldest Market in Cusco.
Optional activities and wellness therapies are available or just spend your day relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds of the sparkling city. The afternoon will offer a light yoga class to acclimatize to the astounding height of 3200 meters with a focus on breath and relaxation as you take your first steps in the Andes.
• Oct .18
We begin the journey into the Sacred Valley connecting with the colorful serenity of the Andean landscape. We will arrive at our beautiful retreat center for 5 days filled with morning and evening yoga and meditation classes to center ourselves in the serenity of the Sacred Valley landscape and natural peace.
Enjoy daily guided tours, optional activities, and choose from a variety of wellness therapies available in your free time and relax in the Seven Chakras Garden.
Enjoy healthy meals included on this part of the journey highlighting delicious local food of the region and relax with your feet up under the Andean stars and the night skies.

** Morning yoga and meditation classes will focus on breathing and relaxation to adjust to the high mountain altitude to stretch and strengthen with stunning mountain views and calm sweeping horizons of Andean bliss.
** Evening yoga and meditation classes are available to helps us to wind down and connect with your breath and surrender the senses to the serenity of the Sacred Valley and the beauty of the daily activities.
We will move with the pulsation of the Apus to open up every center of energy in our body and enjoy the bliss of being alive. We will cleanse and rejuvenate our bodies to keep the curious awareness of life potential.

• Oct. 19
Wake up and salute the sun with an early class in preparation for a healing retreat that will be overseen by multiple Shaman healers and priest faculty from different andina communities like Q’eros and Shipibo.
We will be part of a variety of healing ancient shamanic Inca techniques and ceremonies. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or just awaken your full potential.
We, together in community, will offer gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth. We will union our energies on a Coca Leaf Reading and each of us will have the opportunity to receive a personal diagnosis and consultation with a Shaman. The cleansing and flourishing ceremony is a very spiritual and unique experience based on purification and forgiveness.
Ayahuasca treatment is available after consultation and approval from the Shaman and Medical staff. (Ayahuasca treatment has an additional cost)

• Oct. 20
After experiencing the awakening of awareness, purification and forgiveness our intuition, and a greater sense of connection, you will be on the right frequency to absorb the goodness of the divine protector and provider of life. We will embark to Aguas Calientes to explore Machu Picchu and practice at the majestic Sun Gate while we discover the powerful vibrations of Inti Watana, the Temple of the Sun, the Room of the Three Windows and more. This will undoubtedly be a milestone on your path and a day to remember.

• Oct. 21
After a morning yoga class we will embark on a journey to one of the most well preserved ruins. Sitting on a high plateau of over 11,000 ft., Maras has a spectacular view where there are four circular terraces of different size. A home to a highly sophisticated Inca agricultural system with a concentration of female energy, Maras is considered a magnetic center of the Pachamama. From here we will travel to Moray, The Mineras de Sal - a spectacular natural wonder. They consist of platforms based on pools of salt water that come from pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and contemporary.

• Oct. 22
Seva and Service
Wake up to a yoga and meditation class based on seva and empathy. By integrating all the spiritual growth that we received we will enhance awareness and connection. You have a warm invitation to take action and volunteer your time to The Hogar Madre Teresa Calcutta Orphanage. This is a home for children who come from the poorest communities in and around Cusco. Many of whom are physically and mentally disabled. This project is always searching for volunteers in feeding, cleaning, doing laundry and of course giving the children some extra attention to play with them and give them a smile on their faces!
Optional activities and wellness therapies are available, or just spend your day relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds of the Majestic Andes.

• Oct. 23
Today, take some time in the morning to reflect on your journey and by afternoon will we be picked up and transferred to the airport in Cusco for the flight back to Lima where the tour ends. Depending on time of arrival and the timing of your international flight schedule, we can provide you with information for additional for activities in Lima.

Are you ready for a yoga adventure of a lifetime?