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Deep Relaxation with Yoga Nidra


South 2nd Street, Columbia PA, US 17512

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  • Workshop

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Nov 2
19:00 pmto20:00 pm

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Full Description

When deep healing and relaxation is needed - Yoga Nidra is a beautiful practice to explore. Yoga Nidra is the science of deep relaxation.

Yoga means “union.” Nidra means “sleep.” Yoga Nidra is a state between sleep and deep relaxation. It is a systematic method of inducing deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. The practice is done while lying down on one’s back. The eyes are closed and the body made completely comfortable. It involves deep relaxation with inner awareness while I lead a guided session. I will use auto-suggestion cues, visualization, and affirmation to create an environment in which healing can occur.

A few of the benefits now being confirmed by the medical field are increased immune function, digestive function, and better sleep. The gifts of Yoga Nidra are the releasing of old habits, fatigue, worry, and stress. Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone of any size or shape. This is not a physical exercise but rather a technique for physical rejuvenation, mental relaxation, spiritual growth, and overall wellness. According to yogic thought, unregulated stress is the root of most physical and mental ailments today. The secret of Yoga Nidra (and to better health) lie in its ability to relieve tension and stress at its root and restore a balanced state of mind and a deeply rested body.

Doors will open 15min prior to event and lock at scheduled event time.

Heart Space | Happy Place is my private studio on South 2nd Street in Columbia. You will receive the exact address in your confirmation. The studio is located on the 3rd floor and an allergy warning: cats reside in home, but do not hangout on the 3rd floor.

To enhance your experience, wear the comfiest clothing, bring your yoga mat, blankets, anything that will help you feel extra cozy <3