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Deepen your Practice Workshop

We embrace yoga because it can bring balance to our achievement-oriented lives. But invariably we find that our goal-oriented mindset seeps even into our yoga practice. The purpose of this workshop is to make visible our tendencies to strive even on the mat, and to cultivate a more balanced attitude to yoga in order to maximize its potential.


Wild Rose Yoga Studio
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Soi 4/1 Phraproklao Lane, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai, TH 50200

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  • Workshop

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Feb 12 to
Feb 14
18:00 pmto16:00 pm

5 sessions, total of 13 hours



Early registration discount 4900THB if paid by Feb 5. For booking only selected sessions, the cost is 475THB per hour up to 4 hrs, and 450THB per hour for 5 hrs and more. For example, if you book one 2 hr and one 3 hr session, the total cost is 5 x 450THB = 2250THB. For payment options see

Full Description

Many of us have embraced yoga because we have experienced its power to bring some balance to our high-stress, achievement-oriented lives. But invariably we find that our goal-oriented mindset has seeped into our yoga practice, limiting yoga's ability to bring us balance and joy. The purpose of this workshop is to make visible our troublesome tendencies to strive, struggle, and judge even on the mat, and to learn to cultivate a more balanced attitude to yoga in order to maximize its potential to transform our lives.

To me, deepening your practice means finding a more balanced experience of yoga, in which the exploration of new territory is always grounded by an abiding acceptance of the present moment. To me, it does not primarily mean working towards ever more difficult poses, but it also does not mean avoiding advanced poses altogether. It means placing the breath at the center of your practice, because the breath is the most direct link between the body and the mind. It means balancing the physical and mental aspects of the practice, the expressive with the contemplative, the effortful with the effortless, to create a deeper connection between mind and body, a connection that has the power to reshape your life.

In this workshop we explore ways to find more meaning in our experience of yoga, to become more present in it, more attuned to it, more consciously joyful in the practice of it, in short, to deepen our practice by finding balance in it. To move towards a deeper and more balanced yoga practice, we will augment asana practice in this workshop with breath work and meditation.

In this workshop, you will

• Explore different ways of breathing and investigate the anatomy of the breath to learn why ujjayi breath is usually—but not always—the perfect breath to support your asana practice

• Learn to trust your breath, to place it at the center of your practice, and to let your movements emerge from the breath

• Practice becoming present in the moment to engage your conscious mind, your subconscious, and your physical body with each other in the intricate dance that is yoga

• Engage in the playful exploration of new poses while practicing non-attachment to achievement

• Learn to release your ego so that you can adjust each pose to your own level of strength, flexibility, and balance, in order to maintain a sense of serenity throughout your practice

• Experience yoga's potential to deepen your meditation practice


• Friday 18:00-20:00: Moving from the Breath I – Pranayama and Asana practice, and the anatomy of the breath

• Saturday 9:30-12:30: Moving from the Breath II – Using the breath to train your awareness and facilitate difficult poses and transitions

• Saturday 14:00-17:00: Finding Balance I – Fine-tune your practice to create perfect intensity

• Sunday 9:30-12:30: Finding Balance II – Trigger your ego to practice minimizing its influence

• Sunday 14:00-16:00: Moving into Stillness – Yoga meditation beyond the breath

Note: Modules can be taken individually, but booking the second part of a two-part module requires booking the first part as well, as Part II builds on knowledge from Part I. The two morning modules are the most challenging physically, in which we explore more advanced poses. The evening and afternoon modules are more contemplative.

Prerequisites: The only prerequisites for this workshop are a regular yoga practice and the desire to find more balance in your practice. Because of Gernot's unique integration of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga, the workshop is also well-suited for longterm practicioners and even yoga teachers who want to deepen their understanding of yoga.