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'Delve Deeper' Retreat

This retreat will enable both experienced practitioners and beginners to understand and experience the benefits of a holistic yoga practice, which goes beyond the asana to explore the wider dimensions of yoga.
The week’s practices will enable you to deepen and broaden your yogic practice.


Jul 26 to
Aug 1
12:00 pmto12:00 pm

We have another retreat on 17th - 23rd July.



All inclusive ( not including flights and transfers)

Full Description

Yoga - Delving Deeper’.

During this week you will go beyond the asana (physical practices) of yoga to delve into the other limbs of yoga. You will explore cleansing practices, pranayama and yoga philosophy to broaden your understanding of the wider yogic traditions. You will also delve deeper into your physical practice by incorporating mudra’s (hand gestures), dristi (yogic gaze) and bandas (internal locks).

Your Teacher: Tania Plahay

Whether you’re new to yoga or a more experienced practitioner you will find my classes well suited. I give clear and precise instructions offering opportunities in each sequence for more experience practitioners to go a bit further whilst enabling others to adopt a more simple version of the pose. I am a passionate, experienced and committed Ha-tha and Vinyasa yoga teacher. I run regular open classes in central London, and also leads workshops and retreats. I have a wide portfolio which also includes Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama. I am a qualified Pregnancy Yoga teacher and the official meditation teacher for the UK Houses of Parliament. Working on a funded project I have developed a program of Yoga for dementia that has become highly regarded. I have over 1,000 hours invested in yogic learning. I have taught yoga on retreats in a wide range of countries. I employ a holistic and responsive teaching style. I aim through this to facilitate a sense of quiet self-awareness in my students, and learning about the body, the asanas and breathing techniques. I believe that the wonderful tools and techniques of yoga should be made available for everyone; and teaches all ages from prenatal to the elderly!

Styles of yoga to be taught:

There are almost as many definitions of the word yoga as there are styles of yoga practice. One of my favourite definitions is that Yoga is a Union – of Mind, Body and Breath. It is a profound, radical and transformative practice.

People come to my yoga classes for many different reasons – to increase flexibility, to sleep better, to tone up, to relax – however often they will find other benefits from my teachings.

The practice of yoga asana (physical positions) are the tip of an iceberg into a much wider and deeper set of practices and ways of living. Traditional yoga consists of eight pillars, including how we live our lives, pranayama (breathing exercises), inner awareness, concentration, and ultimately Samadhi – or the blissful state of oneness. Although I cannot promise Samadhi in all classes J I will bring in many of the other dimensions of yoga into my classes, such as pranayama, and inner focus.

I would describemy style of teaching as ‘Mindful Vinyasa Yoga’. This is a slow flowing style which brings in intelligent sequencing, mindfulness, a focus on inner awareness, and moving with the breath.

Sample Daily Timetable (times will vary slightly on each retreat)

07.00 Pranayama/morning meditation
07.30 Morning Yoga practice
09:30-10.15 Breakfast
11:00 Workshop (practical/theroretical) or free time
13:00 Lunch
15.00 Free time
19.00 Evening Yoga practice
20.30 Meditation oryoga nidra
21.00 Evening meal
*There is one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. There is also the option to visit local markets on Wednesday and Sunday.

Retreat Overview:

This retreat will enable both experienced practitioners and beginners to understand and experience the benefits of a holistic yoga practice, which goes beyond the asana to explore the wider dimensions of yoga.

The week’s practices will enable you to deepen and broaden your yogic practice. We will start with the setting of a personal yogic intention for the week. So whether you have chosen to come on the retreat to tone up and increase flexibility, to relax and de-stress, or to reconnect with yourself and life’s purpose I will assist you in achieving this.

We will start with ensuring a safe and sustainable practice for everyone as we review some basic alignment cues and principles for our asana practice. I will then offer a combination of daily dynamic sequences to help stretch and tone up and enable you to feel healthy, well and full of vitality. These more dynamic sessions will be complemented with daily slower sequences where we will go deeper into more detail to understand the fundamentals of the positions and their physical benefits. We will also explore mudras, dristi (gaze) and the use of bandas (internal locks) in our practice.

The daily physical practices will be completed by a range of workshops which will help you understand more about the history, Philosophy and background to the vast yogic tradition. You will also learn to give and receive a Thai Yoga massage which can be a great complement to your regular yogic practice as it helps to go deeper into poses and develops bodily awareness.

At the end of the week we will tie all of this together into a workshop where you will learn to tailor a suitable practice for your daily needs. This will enable you to be able to take the benefits of the retreat into your daily life to make profound and lasting changes.

Your workshop programme:

Restorative yoga, yoga nidra and Sankalpa

In this gentle and therapeutic workshop we’ll start with a few flowing movements to loosen up before we use cushions and props to support the body, encouraging deep relaxation. Using passive yoga asanas we let our nervous systems shift into a lower gear, and enjoy the benefits of true rest. Different from more active styles, we will concentrate on surrendering our weight to supports and softening into the stretches and into our breath.
At the end of the workshop we will practice yoga nidra, yogic sleep – a state somewhere between consciousness and sleep – which is reached through a guided relaxation. Yoga nidra is best practiced with a ‘sankalpa’ or yogic intension. This workshop will also cover the use of sankalpa and how to set one in the most effective way.
The yoga nidra practice will be repeated on a few evenings during the week. Participants will also be provided with some resources so they can practice these techniques after the retreat.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Pranayama (including use of the Neti pots)

The ultimate goal of our yogic practice is to enter into Samadhi, which is described as a blissful state of union when the meditator merges with his or her point of focus and transcends the Self-altogether. In order to reach Samadhi we need to pass through a number of steps including practicing contemplation and meditation.
At this workshop I’ll introduce the practice of meditation and pranayama. I’ll teach some simple introductory techniques and methods for how to chart our progress during the week. This workshop will take place at the beginning of the week and will help clients understand more about the reasons for meditation and its benefits. The workshop will also help me to gauge everyone’s experience so I can adapt the level of morning meditation classes to suit the students needs. Traditional yogis often used nasal cleaning techniques (a Neti pot) which are great for colds, allergies, countering the effects of pollution, and blocked sinus. The workshop will also introduce the use of the neti pot. In 2015 I have been teaching regular Meditation, Mindfulness and Pranayama classes at the Houses of Parliament and I’ve expanded the range of techniques I teach. These classes have been very popular and I’ve received great feedback even from complete beginners to meditation.

Intro to Thai Yoga massage.

Learn to give and receive a simple Thai Yoga massage. During this workshop you will learn some simple techniques from Thai Yoga massage to enable you to give a 30 minute Thai Yoga massage. Thai yoga massage is practiced fully clothed lying on the floor. It is a great complement to traditional yoga as enables the practitioner to go further and can help stretch you out. It is a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial practice.

Yoga Philosophy

This presentation will help students find a deeper understanding of yoga traditions, yoga philosophies, wisdom and spirituality. It will cover history of yoga, 8 limbs of yoga, and main yoga texts. It will be followed by a Q&A.

Developing a self practice

In this final workshop you will be given tools and techniques to construct your own self practice. Developing a suitable personal practice is one of the hardest but most rewarding goals of yoga. This workshop will help you put together a personal practice so you can integrate the benefits of your week at Bagend into your day to day life.

** Please note all classes & workshops at Rustic Retreats are optional**