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Demystifying the Energy Body

Demystifying the energy body is a 4-hour workshop designed to inform, inspire and initiate you into the world of energy.


232 South Terrace, Fremantle WA, AU 6160

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  • Workshop



Jan 26
13:00 pmto17:00 pm



Full Description

The themes change according to the group’s needs, and in this 4-hour opportunity, we may explore:

The Energy field of our own body, a space, and the collective
Grounding: what it is, how do we know when we’re grounded versus ungrounded, what
prevents us from grounding, why grounding is so important
Boundaries: why they are so important, how to know what our own boundaries are, how
to sense them in others, how to know when they aren’t honored
The power of pleasure and joy. How negative pleasure can run us. How we can allow more true pleasure in our own being.
Personal power, our solar plexus, how we can leak our energy, how to build a healthy screen, the importance of anger
This will be a mixture of practice, experimentation and discussion.

About your facilitator
Cat Kabira is a world-renowned yoga teacher trainer and master of the subtle energetics arts. Cat teaches individuals how to tune into their personal power and reconnect with their core truth. Cat’s work has taken her around the globe multiple times to places including Bali (her home since 2006), the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, and South and Central America.

Part of Cat’s Kabira’s knack is her ability to meet you where you are and deliver what’s needed. She’s been committed to the world of the invisible since she was a child and has traversed several paths from working with witches, psychics, medicine people, healers, osteopaths, shamans, therapists and her own training in various mediums in the yogic arts.

Cat has been professionally trained as an E-RYT 500 yoga instructor and biodynamic craniosacral therapist and has been working with shamans and healers around the globe.
Some would say she even brings her own little magic and seeing/feeling/extra-sensory skills to the table.

What her passion is, no matter where you meet her, is to get you feeling you again: In your body, grounded, meeting yourself in the fullness and full power and pleasure that you are.

And if there is some hesitation or resistance you meet along the way, Cat, in a playful way holds space for you to come back home to yourself.

Cat’s a fan of you testing things out so you can find out what’s true for you. We will practice, move, sweat, rest and
drop in deep and feel some deeper currents moving inside of us. These practices will both be with ourselves as well as one another.

Come prepared to learn, get catalyzed, and leave feeling grounded, lighter, and ready for the universe that’s sparking inside of you.