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Detox Health Coach Certification with Chris Whitcoe

Are you a health coach looking to take your practice and clients results to the next level? Have you wondered about the power of juice cleanses, detox protocols, liver flushes and how to lead groups through the healing and rejuvenating process? Do you want an excuse to retreat to Costa Rica and treat your body to the ultimate cleanse with support from experts? Then jet set mid June for a week of pura vida bliss, in-depth detox education.


Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio CR
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  • Teacher Training

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Jun 13 to
Jun 19
22:15 pmto22:15 pm

Detox classes begin in the morning on the 14th and closing circle in the evening on the 20th. Please plan to arrive in Manuel Antonio on the 13th to settle in and sleep well for the following day.



Bring 3 friends and get your certification for free.

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Are you a health coach looking to take your practice and clients results to the next level? Have you wondered about the power of juice cleanses, detox protocols, liver flushes and how to lead groups through the healing and rejuvenating process? Do you want an excuse to retreat to Costa Rica and treat your body to the ultimate cleanse with support from experts? Then jet set mid June for a week of pura vida bliss, in-depth detox education and rejuvenation with holistic detox expert Chris Whitcoe of Pure Joy Academy. After your week immersion at the beach surrounded by abundant wildlife, you'll float back home as a certified detox coach ready to educate, lead and empower others through the transformation.
What is not covered in the manual or mentioned heretofore is how eating these foods every day during your training will start to awaken your body, spirit and mind. You may find that drinking green juice for breakfast is an amazing way to start your day and you have more mental clarity than before. You may find that Chia Porridge is your new best friend! You will probably also notice that when you stop eating high glycemic foods, your blood sugar will stabilize and your mind will be able to focus better. Your mood may feel more balanced and you may begin sleeping better. We can assure you that you will not miss eating dairy, meat, sugar and breads or flours as we will be making some amazing gourmet creations that will replace toxic, comfort foods. This will be a life transforming experience not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Join us for a super fantastic life-changing event!

Cellular Detox Cleanse Coach Certification with an Optional Liver Flush
The Epic Living Center, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
June 14 - 20th, 2014

Tuition: $1,499 for 7 full days

What to expect during your detox week:
Learn about many cleansing and healing modalities during your 7 days, while fasting on green juices and taking a liver flush protocol.
During this week you will learn about what it takes to do a liver flush. You will do a flush yourself during the week, and actually flush stones by the end in a painless process.

-Enjoy daily detox and restorative yoga with Amber Zuckswert in her gorgeous panoramic ocean view studio.

-Relax with a fabulous Thai Massage from a local massage therapist.

-Explore Manuel Antonio National Park, the #1 most visited park in all of Costa Rica, and relax on pristine white sand beaches during your breaks. The aquamarine waves are only a short 10 min walk from The Center for Epic Living.

-Ground transport between San Jose and Manuel Antonio is included in your tuition.

Holistic Nutrition & Raw Food Detox Classes:

Receive a manual packed with many cleansing protocols, resources for purchasing your own ingredients for future cleanses, or your own retreats and learn lifelong practices. The manual is also packed with awesome nut and seed free, low glycemic cleansing recipes by Elaina Love, which are easy to make and taste fantastic!

We recommend that you do the green juice, low glycemic fast during this week, however for those who are very thin or feel they need to supplement their week with low glycemic, nut -free raw foods, those foods will be taught during the day and available to eat 1 x per day.

Watch Daily Live Detox Demonstrations, Learn Teaching Tips and Get Hands On Experience making these foods.

Detox Manuel Includes:
Purification and Cleanse Schedule
Clearing Introduction
Cleansing is an Evolutionary Life Practice
Basics of Purification and Cleansing
Starting and Breaking the Fast Cleansing Reactions
Healing Crisis Emotional Cleansing
Why do we need Purification and Cleansing?
Honor and Releasing Practice About the Flush
The Intentions for a Liver/Gallbladder Flush
How the Flush Works Foods to avoid during the flush
Foods to enjoy this week
Daily Schedule for the Liver and Gallbladder Flush Days
Leading up to the Flush
Eve of the Flush Tips and Secrets for a Successful Flush
Morning After Tools and Life Practices
Administering an Enema
Green Smoothies
Additional Liver Flushes and Other Cleanses
Intestinal Cleansing
Kidney Cleanse
Parasite Cleanse
Sugar Free Cleanse Program
Phase I Food List for Sugar Free Cleanse
Phase II Food List (Maintenance)
Natural Body Care Your Skin
Natural Deodorant
Dry Skin Brushing for Beauty, Excellent Skin and Detoxification
Oil Pulling
Intro to the Five Rites or Tibetan Rites

Costa Rican Lifestyle and Adventure:
- Beautiful Warm Weather & Sunshine Conducive to Healing
- Group Jungle Hikes, Beach Yoga, and Swimming in the Ocean
- Manuel Antonio National Park Wildlife Discovery
- Rest, Relaxation, and Regeneration - Soak in a slower pace of living.

Extra Goodies!
- Movie nights Featuring Inspiring Health Documentaries
- Fresh Living Spring Water on Tap
- Closing Ceremony and Celebration of your new certification!
- 1 Massage

Strengthen, Open and Balance
Your Mind, Body and Spirit:

Amber's daily pilates and yoga classes are woven with uplifting meditation, imagery, and visualizations. She brings an energetic, creative, fun and fluid approach to all classes and private sessions. Focus on breath, precision, and mindfulness, infuse each session. Building a balanced, toned and pain free body while challenging the mind with breath and body coordination, dynamics, balance and grace is her forte. She uses everything in her extensive tool kit of pilates, yoga and dance techniques to keep her students moving one exercise to the next while weaving in cues and corrections. She adores seeing the positive changes of strength, flexibility and awareness in her students.

Morning retreat classes are restorative hatha based with emphasis on asana that aide detox and cleansing. All levels are encouraged and welcomed. Amber offers levels and modifications for all guests.

Optional Features:
(at additional cost)
Personal Healing & Holistic Nutrition Consultations with Chris
Private Yoga and Pilates Training Sessions with Amber
Extra Thai massages and/or organic massage facial.

Epic Experts:

Holistic Nutritionist from Pure Joy Academy:
Chris Whitcoe is passionate about the awakening of consciousness, raw food nutrition and the emergence of Corporate America as a vehicle for global change. In service to this overarching holistic vision he has created a diversified life in which he integrates his passions with the largest impact possible.

Chris is the co-owner of where he brings nutrition information to the curriculum which takes learning about raw cheffing to a whole new level that has never been taught at a culinary school 2008, he conceived and co-founded the company : Pure Superfoods for Life, dedicated to bringing the highest quality, Raw, Organic & Ethical superfoods to the global market. Vivapura has received a profoundly positive response that has continued to propel the company toward success as a vehicle of Sacred Commerce.

In 2005, Chris took a hiatus from a successful corporate life to fully embrace his love for the raw food/consciousness movement by pursuing a Masters Degree in Live Food Nutrition under Gabriel Cousens, at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Chris also dedicates his abundant raw energy and expertise as an advanced software engineer to Corporate Consulting, LLC, his company dedicated to creating advanced technical solutions and premier internet presence for his clients. Ultimately, Chris’s greatest role is as a father to 3 vibrant children who truly understand the value of living foods and spiritual awareness.

International Wellness and Movement Expert:

Amber Zuckswert is the founder of , The Center for Epic Living in Costa Rica, and the creator of a variety of e-products and e-courses. As a professional contemporary ballet/modern dancer with over 24 years of technique, performance and teaching under her belt, Amber turned to the Pilates method to stay in peak mind/body condition and injury free. Since graduating from the rigorous and renowned Ron Fletcher Program of Study she's worked with a vast array of clients from professional dancers and athletes, to pre and post natal, to rehab. Her love affair and in-depth study in Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga began in college.
She's taught pilates, yoga and dance for many of the worlds most revered clubs, retreat centers, and festivals including Equinox San Francisco, Sports Club LA, Rancho LA Puerta, Bali Spirit Festival, and The Envision Festival. For the past 5 years, after spending a year teaching across Australia, she began leading retreats and workshops in various paradise locations including Mexico, Bali, and Costa Rica.
Amber's holistic nutrition studies span 10 years of Western Sports Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Indian Ayurveda throughout high school and college. She's extensively self studied in plant based nutrition, living "raw" foods and super foods, and is a certified holistic nutrition educator from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York. As a life long student she continues to study at the forefront and cutting edge of nutrition science by studying under and interviewing the leading doctors and experts in the field. Believing that every person has unique needs, she enjoys blending approaches when designing nourishment plans for clients.
Amber finds nothing more fulfilling then empowering and inspiring people to dramatically transform their life through the combination of specialized nutrition and mind/body fitness. She currently runs her dream wellness center in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica where she offers daily live and online personal coaching, small group classes, workshops, and retreats. Read Amber's entire bio.

Not included in tuition: your flight and accommodation.

Wondering where to stay? The Center for Epic Living is surrounded by over 300 hotels, rental properties and hostels. Whether you'd like a luxury experience or are sticking to a budget, Manuel Antonio has an option for you. Feel free to reach out and email with any logistical questions, but please review the center's thorough welcome kit with FAQ's and recommendations.