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Divine Essence Meditation

Divine Essence Mediation every Tuesdays
Join us for a meeting with Lyonne Sundari, sharing a message of divine love & beauty


Citadel Court, Castle Street, Victoria MT

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  • Community Event



Jun 11
19:00 pmto20:30 pm

"Meditation with Lyonne Sundari Sundari" "Every Tuesday in June"


10 €

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Divine Essence Meetings

When you sit with Lyonne in one of her sessions, you immediately notice that there is a change in her field. A glow encompasses her energy and you can just feel that something is different, something shifted. Each session is unique depending on what she is bringing forth, wether it is the deep void, universal love, or a certain divinity.
I remember one particular session where she channeled Anandamayi Ma. I'd never felt that energy from Lyonne before. It was as if she had a personal connection with her and could bring her to us so easily. It was the first time I truly felt Anandmayi Ma in her essence. It filled me deeply and brought tears of joy and peace. It was that moment my soul came through and shined. It was only through Lyonne's outpouring of that energy, that we were all able to have such a profound experience with Ma. Lyonne is such a clear channel.
After that session was over, Lyonne went back to her usual Self--still glorious, ever warm and inviting--and danced with us. She's completely unassuming, down to our level but bringing things from above and beyond.