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Draw your senses in! Blindfolded yoga practice

As a yoga practitioner, you are already on a path – of focusing inward, finding stillness and silence, constantly aiming at quieting down your mind. Maybe at times during practice you close your eyes to draw your attention more and more to what’s going on inside; but have you tried moving through the asanas wearing a blindfold?


Andrássy út 35., Budapest HU 1061

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  • General Event


May 27
07:30 amto21:00 pm



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Practice the fifth limb of ashtanga yoga (the eight limbed path): pratyahara or “removal of the senses”.

With an eye mask or scarf over your eyes throughout the class, you’ll notice a number of benefits: your balance might be challenged and you’ll find that assurances start coming from the inside, not the outside. You cannot look at others, to compare and compete. Your other senses such as hearing and touching, will heighten, while your mind is becoming more and more still.

Join us for a gentle, slower-than-usual 90-minute class that closes with yoga nidra, deep relaxation.

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Please bring a scarf or eye mask, bring your openness, patience and trust.
Price: 2500 huf, passes are valid.