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Dreamtime Yoga Workshop (Lucid Dreaming / Yoga Nidra)

Deep Relaxation and Healing using iRest yoga nidra to journey into the depths of the unconscious.


102 S. Ola Vista, San Clemente CA, US 92672

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  • Workshop

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Nov 17
19:00 pmto20:15 pm

Our Journey includes the sound of 432hz tuned quartz crystal bowls supporting your transition into deep relaxation and healing. Opening the portals of the unconscious, informed by iRest yoga nidra.



Full Description

Our Journey includes the sound of 432hz tuned quartz crystal bowls and 432hz background sound to support your transition into the theta brain wave state. A state of lucid dreaming, a state of a waking dream, allowing you to portal deep into inner space and the realms of mystery that lie in the unconscious mind.
In this lucid dream state we journey in a different state of conscious and allow our imagination and unconscious mind lead us to places we may not easily access in normal states of consciousness.

As Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Allowing yourself to use this lucid state of consciousness as a gateway to explore, discover, create, and resolve your hearts desires. Being fully conscious within the dream allows you to do almost anything you want within it. Lucid dreaming is the ultimate magical mystery ride. Your mind becomes the theater, and you are the producer, director, writer, and main actor. You interact with what arises in the form of sensations and you write the the perfect love story or the wildest adventure. Lucid dreaming can also be used to solve problems, rehearse situations, improve athletic performance, overcome fear, heal wounds, and work through psychological issues. From the trivial to the transcendent, lucid dreaming provides a spectrum of experience mostly concerned with worldly matters and self-fulfillment.

You will experience being fully conscious in a dreaming waking sleep where you can explore and navigate where you want to be met. Although you will be held and supported on your journey, it is your journey and you direct where you go. This magical, healing, practice will incorporate sound with a few restorative postures initially to open the channels, however the majority of the practice will be in a position of choice that is comfortable and restorative to the nervous system.