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Elemental Yin + Sound Healing Journey


Here Yoga8247897
1a Winter Street, Malvern AU

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Aug 1
13:30 pmto15:00 pm



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WATER: Yin + Sound Healing Journey
Throughout Winter, we may all face some feelings of lethargy, feelings of losing our motivation for our yoga practice or any other activities that we usually really love and enjoy. We may even lose our zest for life a little. This is nature’s way of telling us to slow down, to go inwards, to change routines, to sleep a little more, to push a little less. Winter is the time to quiet, to rest, and to repair.

With this blissful practice, Amanda Pittard will gently guide you through a deeply nourishing Yin yoga immersion. Amanda will adjust your physical and emotional body with massages, reiki and aromatherapy, while supporting you with meditation and philosophy as a powerful healing form to support your journey.

Intertwining with the Yin poses, Phoebe Dubar’s epic sound journey will harness the live sounds and vibrations of the ancient forks, flutes, drums, and singing bowls. Using the power of sound frequencies we will bridge the realms of the subconscious, Heart Space and Higher Self.

During the Yin + Sound Journey immerse yourself in these organic sounds and vibrations as you relax into the Yin poses. Feel the resonance of the music, deep within your Heart Space, passing over your physical body. Healing sounds of water, sounds of heart, sounds to raise your vibration and release what no longer serves you.

All things are vibration. In the realm of sound therapy, it has long been recognised in many cultures that sound can alter consciousness to achieve higher states of meditation, tune the chakras, influence brainwave activity, change behavioural patterns, boost the immune system, improve sleep, reduce stress and release tension. Our journey finishes with deep sound healing with a pinnacle shower of sound.

In this Winter Immersion we will find yin poses to stimulate the circulation around the whole back line of the body, particularly the spine, as well as low back, and the side waist around the kidneys and the inner thighs and legs. A time for reflection, letting go, releasing, surrendering, witnessing and acknowledging what is arising with loving grace. We are all cyclical beings of nature and sometimes it just takes the awareness of these potent times of the year to see the opportunity we are offered to shift ourselves inward and listen ....