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Epic Awakening: Shamanic Adventure Ayahuasca Retreat, May 2016

All inclusive 6 day retreat in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Includes pilates, vinyasa yoga, myofascial release, organic superfood cuisine, 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 traditional sweat lodge, and 3 day adventures.


Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio CR

Type of Event

  • Retreat

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May 16 to
May 22
03:00 amto03:00 am




$1900 for shared room and bath (twin size bed)
$2400 for private room and bath (queen size bed)

Full Description


Awaken new levels of mind, body and spirit connection by letting go of emotional baggage and physical toxins that hold you back from shining your most authentic empowered self to the world. Let go of fear and ego. Discover deep personal peace and connection to the universe.

Join us for an extremely special small group retreat experience incorporating pilates, yoga, myofascial release, meditation, 100% organic superfood plant based cuisine, one ayahuasca ceremony, and traditional sweat lodge set amongst the pristine beaches and rainforest of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Space is limited to 5 guests max and by application only. Once registered all guests will receive dietary guidelines, educational resources, and shuttle confirmations. This experience is offered only one time per month. Specific dates are flexible depending on the group. Advanced application and booking is require to ensure a five star experience for all guests.

Amber Zuckswert designed this unique program to align, open and strengthen the body, focus and clear the mind, awaken the spirit fully, and have a ton of fun along the way with adventures in gorgeous environments.

What's Included:

- 6 Nights Private or Shared Accommodation
- 3 Organic Superfood Plant Based Meals Daily
- Daily 90 mins of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Myofascial Release with Amber Zuckswert
- Ground Transport to and from San Jose International Airport
- Day Adventures: Manuel Antonio National Park and Nauyaca Waterfall Hike
- Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies lead by a very experienced group of facilitators
- One Traditional Native American Sweat Lodge
- Dietary Guidelines and Educational Resources for Ceremony
- Integration: Group and Personal Coaching with the expert staff


Day 1

6pm All guests arrive by shuttle to EpicSelf Headquarters

7pm Welcome Dinner Meet and Greet

Day 2

7am Organic Superfood Breakfast

8:30-10am Yoga + Pilates + Meditation with Amber

12-1pm: Organic Superfood Lunch

1-5pm: Private Beach Day Adventure

6:30pm: Organic Superfood Dinner

Day 3

7:00am Organic Superfood Breakfast

8:00am Leave for Nauyaca Waterfalls

12pm Organic Superfood Lunch at the falls

2pm Hike out of the falls and grab snacks in Dominical

3:30pm Drive back to Manuel Antonio

5pm-6pm Yoga + Pilates + Meditation Class with Amber

6:30pm Organic Superfood Dinner

Day 4

7am Organic Superfood Breakfast

9-10:30am Yoga + Pilates + Meditation Class with Amber

12pm Organic Superfood Lunch

1pm Shuttle to the ceremony center

2pm Light the Tamascal fire

5pm Tamascal Sweat Lodge

8pm Organic dinner and closing circle

Day 5

7am Organic Superfood Breakfast

9-11am Walk to Manuel Antonio Main Beach

12pm Organic Superfood Lunch (last meal before ceremony)

3pm Leave for ceremony center

4-7pm Play in the river and pool + flower water blessing

7-8pm Yin Yoga and Meditation with Amber

9pm- 5am Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 6

9am Organic Superfood Breakfast

10am Integration Circle with Shaman

1pm Superfood Organic Lunch

2pm Relax, Sleep, Journal, Hike, Play in the River

7-8pm Yin Yoga and Meditation with Amber

9pm-5am Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 7

9am Organic Superfood Breakfast

10am Closing Integration Circle with Shaman.

11am Depart on shuttle back to Manuel Antonio

*We reserve the right to adjust this schedule based on weather and other incedentals*


The first four days of this retreat are held at the Epic Living Headquarters: A compound of two homes nestled on top of Manuel Antonio hill in the rainforest within walking distance to town and all beaches. The last two days of the retreat the group is transferred to Posada Natura Retreat Center for the plant medicine ceremonies. Posada Natura is a 20 min drive from Manuel Antonio in the rainforest on the Naranjo River. All ground transportation is included.

Shared Accommodation in both locations includes a twin bed and shared bath
Private Accommodation in both locations includes a queen bed and private bath

Both venues have open indoor and outdoor communal space and kitchen.

Epic Living Headquarters is 10 mins walk to all of the pristine white beaches in Manuel Antonio
Posada Natura Retreat Center is built on the river with a beautiful pool surrounded by botanical gardens.


Arrivals and Departures: Manuel Antonio is 2.5 hours drive by car from San Jose. Once your dates with us are confirmed you'll need to book your flight to land no later then 12pm noon on the day your program begins. Once we have your flight times the epic team will book your shuttle pick up from the airport and send you confirmation via email.

Check-In at EpicSelf Headquarters begins at 3pm on the day your program begins. If you'd like to purchase additional nights before and/or after your retreat please inquire with an epic team member via email.

Cancellation Policy: Tuition is due in full with a non refundable deposit of $500. Must cancel within 30 days prior to your retreat start date to receive a partial refund. If you cancel less then 30 days before retreat begins you will receive no refund.

Price Includes: Six nights accommodation, 3 meals per day, transport to and from airport, three day adventures, ayahuasca ceremony, sweat lodge, transport to and from all activities. If you would like extra day adventures our team can help you align them easily. All guests will receive dinner the night they arrive and breakfast before they depart. Additional meals outside of your program can be purchased separately.

Not included in package price: Your flight. Transport costs while staying in Manuel Antonio. The EpicSelf staff will assist you with all logistics and planning once you register. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist.


Producer, Facilitator and Movement Teacher:

Amber Zuckswert is an international pilates and vinyasa yoga instructor, professional contemporary dancer, and holistic nutritionist. She’s the founder of , her own online health and fitness coaching platform and produces all-inclusive Epic Living Retreats and Training Programs around the globe. Amber specializes in crafting personal lifestyle design programs and retreats featuring international renowned experts for stressed, over-worked individuals who are eager to radically increase their health and happiness forever.

As a contemporary ballet/modern dancer with over 25 years of technique, performance and teaching under her belt, Amber turned to the Pilates method, Vinyasa Yoga, and Plant Based Nutrition to stay in peak mind/body condition and injury free. Over the last decade she’s taught for some of the worlds most revered clubs, retreat centers, and festivals including Equinox San Francisco, Sports Club LA, YogaWorks, Rancho La Puerta, The Bali Spirit Festival, and The Envision Festival. She is an adventurous entrepreneur deeply passionate about positivity shifting the world through full throttle conscious living.

Posada Natura Ayahuasca Ceremony Facilitator and Director of Programming:

Chiara Luz was born and raised in Southern Italy and has been a resident of Costa Rica since 2003. There, she found a deep loving connection with the spirit of Gaia, which is so evident in the tropical rainforest. During her time in Costa Rica, she has developed a profound relationship with the ways of nature and discovered the ancient hidden wisdom of ayahuasca and yoga that has transformed her life. She has been working with ayahuasca and facilitating groups for over 7 years now. Her mission is to assist others in deepening their connection with the highest self through yoga, conscious nutrition, sound healing and plant medicine.

Owner of Posada Natura and Lead Ayahuasca Ceremony Facilitator:

Gustavo Calderelli bought 150 acres of pristine old growth rainforest, now Posada Natura, 20 years ago. He hand built the main lodge, cabins, and sacred bamboo temple all for the service of ayahuasca. He has personally worked with ayahuasca for over 25 years. He was trained and initiated through the Colombian Tradition, but since has woven in many traditions into his ceremonies as the years have progressed. He is also the master alchemist, creating his own brew from the plants grown on his land. His background also includes extensive training in Tai Chi and Chi Gong.


“The best way for me to describe my experience without writing a full blog would be to say that the power and strength of Ayahausca is in full sight just by the taste alone. A dark textured brew that covered every inch of my tongue and united my taste buds. My journey spiraled into oblivion until I entered the magical gates of a vast temple of the ethereal life. My tour guide was the dialogue of my left and right brain, an angel and Ayahausca. I’m still putting many pieces together but the ability to travel so far into my mind and other dimensions was made so much easier by the support of total strangers also in need of support. I never would have thought that the 15 of us piling onto a bus seeking the same destination would be enough for us to be connected for life.

Our personal journeys held a pathway of light for the person next to us and all of our half lit paths created a dim circle of light to cradle us as we phased in and out of reality, experienced moments of despair while purging and seeking a torch light to explore other worlds through Ayahausca. This experience was tremendous for me and surely one that I would love to explore again when Ayahausca seeks me out in a dream. Until then I remain forever grateful for my experience, my insight into myself and the shifts necessary for my next step in life. Thank you Amber and Daniel for leading me to this experience.”

– Lana, 34, Barbados

“The ceremony and entire experience has completely changed my life! Never have I felt more at home with a group of ‘strangers’ (for lack of a better term) in a place that I have never visited. Before this, I was a complete introvert living a fear-based life and holding on to so much emotional baggage. I was scared to interact with people in general, let alone share all of my emotions and feelings.

Since this experience, I’m functioning at optimal levels every day. I don’t get stressed out. My mind has also slowed down so much that I feel as if I’m actually living my life for the first time in 34 years! All of this with an even greater connection to mother nature too! It’s unbelievable!

I would be telling you a story if I said it wasn’t difficult when first arriving back to the states. I knew the day after the ceremony that I didn’t need to leave. There are so many things to learn yet. I have this undeniable pull to come back for more ceremonies and to be around great company in such a magical setting. I have since continued my vegetarian diet, and have entirely stopped all my medications and old habits that no longer serve me. I couldn’t imagine doing otherwise. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon!”

– Rourke, 34, Georgia

“Amber! Thank you for the enlightenment you share with us by simply living it. I know this has awoken something in me … Until this day I feel a sense of completeness. I have no fear. I trust life and I trust myself. I finally feel a sense of peace within my mind. I’ve created a silence within myself where there’s no thoughts coming through, only the feeling of Being much more present in the moment.

I can also see further. I’ve realized the world I’ve lived in was blinding me… The things I thought were important to me are irrelevant to me now. I have been letting go of things and people much easier. Detaching without even thinking what if…

There’s a calmness that I’ve been yearning for a long time. I laugh out loud by having this “sense” of knowing deep in my heart.

This is only part of how I’ve been feeling since my Ayahuasca experience and my time with Epic Self. My friends see a difference in me… In fact, here’s a text from my yoga teacher: “Hey, it was nice seeing you today. Your energy is completely different, so pure and serene. Even the way you flowed today was different – much more present and graceful. Very inspiring.”

I know there’s much more to see and feel, so I’ll definitely continue this journey I know is leading me to achieving true happiness within. Thank you everyone!”

– Andriele, 24, Miami, Florida

“This experience was pure satisfaction and enjoyment! My receptors have changed in a profound way and before the ceremony I had no idea what that even meant. It’s absolutely clear that I view the world with a quieter mind and I could not imagine it any other way now. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Sending tons of love to Amber and Daniel. See you guys again soon!”

– Jonesy, 35, Georgia

“Honestly, if I had only experienced the ayahuasca without meeting and loving EVERY one of you and the rest of the beautiful people I had the joy of meeting thanks to Epic Self… I would have been a little let down. I hate to say it but it’s true. I had a very intense and odd experience with ayahuasca. My expectations and desire paired with the result left me feeling a little… lost. Kinda funny because that was the feeling I had during the ceremony. That being said, my feeling this way is in no way a result of the work put forth by Epic Self.

Everything Amber and Daniel did for me helped create an experience that I would never trade for anything in the world. I will continue to recommend what Epic Self has to offer as I can guarantee no one will ever be disappointed! I don’t want to over saturate by saying it over and over but I can’t say it enough… I LOVE each and every one of you. Please do let me know if there’s any way I can help any of you in the future. There’s no doubt that helping you would be a way of helping myself. So please, if there’s anything I can do. Don’t hesitate to ask. Can’t wait for the next time I see you guys.”

– Clay, 36, Georgia

“My first time taking Ayahuasca was the most profound experience I’ve ever had using plant medicine. Set amongst the exquisitely beautiful Costa Rican jungles, I endured the intense purging of past and welcomed the clarity of newfound space. It wrings you out like a towel. Our group was intrinsically powerful and connected, which only manifested further in ceremony. Not only are you hyper aware of their energies, but also are reaffirmed of the unified consciousness that threads all of us together.

My intention was to unfold my highest self. Shortly after sipping the sacred brew, I was blasted into the cosmos bringing a new perspective to every inch of my reality. Gently yet powerfully, Ayahuasca taught me about the flow of the universe and my place in it. She illuminated my need to trust myself and provided clarity on my path to doing so.

I feel reborn from Ayahuasca. I can see again. Everything is alive and I am awakened. Thank you for this experience.”

– Aiyana, 23, Pheonix, Arizona

“Being my first experience with Ayahuasca I was unsure of what to expect, but Amber and Daniel’s diligence and keen oversight set stage for a smooth, safe and transformational journey.

The moment after ingesting the dark brown liquid I could feel a warmth exploring my gut and extremities. It was as though Ayahuasca was assessing the work that need to take place.

Once the medicine took hold I let myself fall into full surrender and was lead through an exhaustive liberation from a lifetime of emotional baggage. After the final purge I was enveloped by a secure chrysalis. I formed an unspoken bond with each and everyone of the participants for we had all seen what it meant to be truly connected in the hands of this Earth.

When I emerged from my cocoon I was filled with sensations of crystal clarity, joy and childish euphoria. Ayahuasca is a truly plant teacher.

To this day colors are brighter, food tastes better, breath comes easier and I wake up feeling light and refreshed. I am humbled and filled with gratitude for this experience. Thank you Amber and Daniel.”

– Lani W., 19, Boulder, Colorado

“It’s truly amazing what this plant medicine can do! In one ceremony, my perspective on life has completely changed and I feel more alive than ever.

Ayahuasca has shown me the beauty and light in my mess. It helped me appreciate what no longer serves me and finally let it go. For the first time in a long time, I feel free and my heart is filled with nothing but gratitude and peace.

Thank you Amber and Daniel for preparing me for this epic awakening – I am forever grateful to have crossed your paths.”

– Ariane L., 27, Toronto, Canada