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Eveil de Soi is self-initiation pur sang: Coming out of your comfort zone, learning self-trust and opening intuition, connecting to your infinite human potential.

This year is going to be amazing. It is the 30-year anniversary of Eveil de Soi, and we want it to be a great joyful gathering for the new students as well as for experienced yogis


Aux Martinets, Saint-Michel-les-Portes Rhône-Alpes, FR 38650
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  • Retreat

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Aug 8 to
Aug 15
17:00 pmto08:00 am


565 €

The price includes food and lodging (camping). Le Martinet provides a camping ground. Please bring your own tent. If this is not at all possible, we can provide a limited number of tents on site. Please contact us to check availability before you make any arrangements.

Full Description

Life is a venture into the unknown. The choice is ours to accept the call.

(Français dessous)
It is a call from the soul. As soon as we step out of the ordinary we will enter a different dimension. We’ll meet allies and mentors. New avenues will open up.

The entire universe conspires to guide us as soon as we start walking.

The path of Awakening is universal yet individual. If only we keep moving we will be touched by creation as a whole and at the same time intimately understand who we are.

Eveil de Soi is an invitation to awaken. It is a journey into the future to meet the original You. Allow the call to reach you - for the first time, and then over and over again. Watch your life from a greater altitude and deepen the sense of connections to all its parts. Then unto infinity you will see yourself differently without loosing yourself.

Many people have been touched by this week which was initiated by Karta Singh 30 years ago as a vision of what could be an awakened humanity. Today Self-Awakening is our duty. The time is on us.

This week offers a unique program. It is a singular opportunity for a breakthrough.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY, KRIYAS OF KUNDALINI YOGA, PRANAYAMA , MEDITATIONS, YOGIC LIFE STYLE, HEALING, GROUP ENGAGEMENT, PERSONAL PRACTICE IN THE WILDERNESS…Hundreds of people have been touched deeply experiencing the week as turning point in their lives.


Physical Regeneration
Tantric mono-diet to purify and cleanse your body and being. Most ingredients of the mono-diet will come directly from the land where they grow in unspoiled nature. This makes them a rich source of prana, the life force, which keeps our bodies alive and healthy. Sacred Kriyas of Kundalini Yoga (dynamic postures, breathing, sounds and rhythms, mantra-yoga, deep relaxations, massages etc.)
Opening the Centres of Consciousness (chakras)
Stimulation of the chakras at the throat and heart allows us to communicate authentically with our own selves, working in pairs and with your language group (maximum 17 participants). At the third eye, the space for intuition is opened.

The game of Life, LEELA and the Shamanic journey
The week is designed to make you face your deep-seated structures (unconscious programming). Laughter and humour settle the mind so that real joy and peace emerge.

Creative and Intense Meditation
Get into the beat of the Universe through Venus Kriyas, derived from Tantric Yoga, so that you can share and integrate this new way of approaching life.